Vaathil Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
A quasi-moral story on the impact of social media in family life, 'Vaathil' is propped up by the succinct performance of Vinay Forrt and a rather engaging latter half.
Sep 24, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

The film "Vaathil," directed by Ramakanth Sarju, delves into the impact of social media on contemporary social life. While it may seem like a familiar theme, the movie successfully portrays the growing turmoil within families when individuals become obsessed with their cellphones. Shamnad Shabeer's screenplay revolves around Denny Davidson, played impressively by Vinay Forrt, and the events that disrupt his family life. Anu Sithara takes on the role of Thani, Denny's wife, who works in his own company, but their relationship has soured. Their strained dynamics become evident as they enter their flat and immediately retreat to separate rooms, each creating their own isolated world.

Thani is frustrated by Denny's consistent neglect, despite sharing the same living space. Through flashbacks, we witness how Denny transforms into a social media addict, influenced by his friend and colleague, Kapeesh, portrayed by Krishna Shankar. The unfolding events may lack originality, as the trajectory of Denny's life becomes somewhat predictable when he starts flirting with women on social media platforms. However, his connection with insurance agent Kamala, played by Merin Philip, proves pivotal in his life.

While the first half of "Vaathil" may appear uneventful, the film excels in its crisp and tightly woven narrative. Vinay Forrt's performance as the protagonist is effective and enhances the overall quality of the film, despite some illogical elements in the climax. Denny's character, struggling with confidence in social interactions, finds renewed vigor through his friendship with Kapeesh. While Vinay adeptly portrays the protagonist's inner turmoil, some aspects of the climax, especially his interaction with Kamala's family, may strain credulity given the gravity of the events.

Denny's apartment serves as the primary backdrop for the film's major conflicts, with Manesh Madhavan's cinematography and Sejo John's music enhancing the setting. Director Ramakanth Sarju, known for "Utharaswayamvaram," maintains the film's pace by eliminating potential tedious moments in a familiar theme. His dedicated craftsmanship is evident throughout the movie. Anu Sithara's portrayal of a typical urban homemaker is convincing, and her character's significance steadily grows, making her role engaging. Thani, who occasionally frets about her marriage, displays a bold yet affectionate side towards her husband. At certain points, the film draws parallels to Dileep-starrer 'Chandrettan Evideya'. Krishna Shankar is placed on familiar terrain: In a role that we have seen him quite a few times.

"Vaathil" ultimately delivers a quasi-moral story that naturally emerges from its typical scenario, leaving little room for deviation. Its strength lies in its deeply relatable plot, despite a somewhat shallow conflict. The film successfully lays out engaging moments, but the climax raises certain doubts about the plausibility of events. Despite these flaws, "Vaathil" manages to leave the door slightly ajar for its potential to impress a wide audience.

K. R. Rejeesh