Beast Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022
Beast has ludicrous action and puerile comedy. But Vijay is in fine form, and Nelson infuses a sense of fun into a generic hostage thriller. Anirudh's thundering score and foot-tapping numbers are the highlights here.
Apr 13, 2022 By Sreejith Mullappilly

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As Beast has a movie star like Vijay, it is difficult to expect anything except a mass film from it. As an audience member, my experience tells me that big-name directors seldom make films that live up to their talent when a star is involved in the project. So, I only expected a Vijay movie from Beast, which it is for the most part.

The opening sequence of the movie is a bit of a surprise, though. Vijay's RAW agent Veera Raghavan is trying to nab a terrorist, but the mission leads to a fatality that triggers a sense of trauma in the character. Then, he even sees a psychiatrist, which is a bit unusual for a Vijay film. But soon, Nelson changes the tone of the film with the foot-tapping Arabic Kuthu track. There is hardly any build-up to the situation that eventually leads to the song. Pooja Hegde's Preethi meets Vijay's character at a marriage function, and the two suddenly dive into a dance sequence. Without any ado, Nelson sets up a fun mood for the film from that point on.

From the trailers, you might have realized that Beast is an action film and that Vijay is a soldier trying to rescue the hostages. This seems like a general idea on paper, but Nelson has already shown that he could do some clever things with genre cinema. Nelson's Doctor, for instance, works as an ingenious blend of dark comedy and action that defies conventions. Beast does not have that same Midas touch from Nelson.

The action is borderline cartoonish here, and the characterization and comedy are not particularly impressive either. There is a generic minister character who often comes and goes in the film, as a reminder of the pathetic system he is part of. The villain in the movie is not strong, either. He is in the movie so that Vijay can do all the heroic stuff. You expect some oddball characters in a Nelson film. Here, the director's attempt to add such characters is not entirely convincing. Perhaps, Selvaraghavan's Althaf is the only character with some depth in Beast.

The comedy portions that involve Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley are not as funny or clever as their own bits in Doctor. Now, it is worth noting that both Doctor and Beast are entirely different films. I saw them as different films with different expectations, but I am just giving you maximum information here to help you decide whether or not to watch Beast.

Despite the flaws, I enjoyed a large part of Beast. Vijay is in fine form here, and the movie is a lot of fun whenever he is doing all the gun-toting stuff. A lot of the action is ludicrous, but Vijay never takes himself too seriously while Nelson maintains a goofy and fun tone throughout. The best part of the film is Anirudh's music. The background music and the song with the Arabic lyrics infuse a sense of fun into the proceedings.

Sreejith Mullappilly