Perarasu Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Drama, Action
Sep 19, 2006 By Rajaraman.R

Roja Combines and Khaja Moideen have managed to produce and release this film after a lot of hiccups. It has been in the making for a long time and the patch work done to make it relevant to the changing situations is evident in the movie. It is out and out a Vijaykanth movie, sure to satisfy his fans.

The CBI Officer Kasi Viswanath is entrusted with the job of investigating the disappearance of Judge Sadasivam. He is assisted by Tamil Nadu Police Officer, Kesavan Nambiar and others. The dead body of the Judge is found and the trail leads to three top Police Officials and it ultimately leads to the Minister, Ilakkian.

Meanwhile, the three Police Officials are killed one by one and the needle of suspicion points to Kasi Viswanath himself. Intrigued by this, he starts looking for his look alike; whom he believes is the killer. His visit to Panchalankuruchi reveals some startling facts - the look alike is the killer and that he is his own brother, Perarasu. Perarasu wants to take revenge on the people who were responsible for the killing of his father, the most respected royal heir of that place. Having killed the three Police Officials, Perarasu, targets at the ex-Minister and also the Minister, Ilakkian. But Kasi Viswanath wants to uphold the rule of the land at any cost.

The gripping tussle between the brothers - one out to kill the Minister, Ilakkian and avenge his father's death and the other to stop it by any means and establish the law of the land - is interesting and fiery. Who succeeds in their pursuit forms the final moments of the movie which gives an interesting twist in the climax.

It is Vijaykanth all the way, as the honest CBI Officer, Kasi Viswanath and the brother Perarasu, who sets out to kill the wrong doers. He has ample scope to showcase his wares and give enough fodder for his fans. The heroine has very little to do. Prakashraj's ability as a seasoned artiste has been wasted in the role of Ilakkian. Similarly Pandiarajan has also been wasted. Anandraj(as Kesavan Nambiar), Sarathbabu(as Vijaykanth's father) and Chandrasekar have done their parts well.

The Director Udhayan, who has made a debut with this movie has made the narration with a good pace. He shows boldness in limiting the scenes for the heroine, having lesser fight sequences for Vijaykanth and by not having a song at all in the second half. Whether they were deliberate or were dictated by the compulsions of the problems the film has faced before release is not known. The music score is ample and is subtle. The editing and the camera work help a lot for the crispness of the film.

It is a regular entertainer for the Vijaykanth fans with a difference in Vijaykanth himself taking on the two diametrically opposite ways of opposing evil. We are not sure which way the Politician Vijaykanth advocates for the people.