Maaran Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | Action, Thriller
Maaran is an attempted star-vehicle for Dhanush that is lethargic and misses the mark by a yard or two.
Mar 11, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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What happens when a desperate actor and an even more desperate director join hands to do a film as compensation for a producer whose last movie bombed? Well, that's 'Maaran' for you.

There are two kinds of OTT movies - one with directors who rub their hands in glee to experiment, and the others are run-of-the-mill crowd-pleasers that play along with a hero's image.

'Maaran' is yet another star vehicle that has been attempting to position Dhanush as an 'action hero' who can solely carry a mass movie on his shoulders!

It revolves around Madhimaran (Dhanush), a young and sensational journalist who fights a corrupt politician (Samuthirakani). He exposes the politician's attempt to tamper with the electronic voting machines. As one could predict, that doesn't go down well for Maaran. He pays dearly for his actions, or did he?


It was disappointing to watch a promising talent like Karthik Naren dish out such predictable and naive scripts. With an actor like Dhanush, there was a lot of room for experimentation. Unfortunately, Dhanush had his 'star-mode' switched on. So, we end up with predictable stuff.

There was this brother-sister angle to add an emotional element; a sad back story for the hero where both his parents die; a heroine, who follows him, falls for him and lifts him when he is on the ground sniffing mud and dust.

Somewhere towards the climax, director Karthik reminds us that he debuted with a thriller full of twists. He manages to bring in a barely convincing twist. By then, we lose our patience and wait for the misery (or the movie) to end.

The movie hardly has anything fresh to offer. GV's music was passable. The cast, including Dhanush, was passive without staying invested in their respective roles.

The movie that is meant to offer a minimum guarantee for its producer hardly manages to do the job. It is yet another misfired missile from Karthik Naren's armory, that is, if he has one in the first place. This raises a serious question on whether Karthik Naren would go down as a 'one-film-wonder'. Well, only time will tell!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran