King Of Kotha Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Action, Drama
Dulquer Salmaan's action-packed drama revolves around betrayal and revenge within friendships, set against the backdrop of gangster dominance in a locale named Kotha. The film, while formulaic and foreseeable, serves as a platform for Dulquer Salmaan's transition into an action hero.
Aug 25, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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Kotha emerges from the shadows, its streets held in the grip of ruthless gangsters - an enigmatic realm painted by the introductory voice of Mohanlal. As his narration weaves the tapestry of Kotha's fabricated history, the ensuing scenes unveil its present state. Thus, 'King of Kotha' (KOK), under Abhilash Joshiy's direction, seizes attention through these elements, even if its blueprint lacks originality. However, the film succumbs to a sense of dejà vu, as it adheres to the time-worn formula of an unbeatable protagonist dictating terms with unwavering supremacy within Kotha.

Penned by Abhilash N Chandran, 'KOK' undoubtedly serves as Dulquer Salmaan's launchpad into the realm of an action hero, a role he embraces with finesse. DQ embodies Raju, an unrelenting gangster in Kotha, whose days are spent carousing and indulging in vice alongside his comrades at a football club. Dulquer impeccably etches the character's rugged appearance and brutal mentality, particularly in his merciless dispatch of adversaries.

Raju finds himself at odds with his family, especially his parents: Kotha Ravi (Shammi Thilakan) and Malathi (Shanthi Krishna). Having inherited his father's legacy as a notorious goon, Raju treads the same path. However, his sister Rithu (Anikha Surendran) holds a special place in his heart. His entanglement with Tara (Aishwarya Lekshmi), the proprietor of a bookstore, significantly shapes the narrative. Overall, the screenplay allows for an emotional connection between the protagonist and those around him.

Raju's life story unfolds through a flashback recounted by his friend and police officer Tony (Gokul Suresh Gopi) to Shahul Hassan (Prasanna), the new Circle Inspector of Police in Kotha. This narrative exposes the reasons behind Raju's absence, leaving his friend Kannan (Shabeer Kallarakkal) in charge. The portrayal of another gangster, Ranjith (Chemban Vinod), injects moments of levity with his fondness for English and his ironic claims of integrity in the drug trade. With Kannan's narcotics enterprise flourishing in Kotha, Shahul Hassan hatches a plan to lure Raju back and quell the gangsters.

Director Abhilash adeptly unveils the intricacies of treacherous alliances and vendettas within friendships, along with the undercurrent of familial emotions in this action-packed drama. The clashes between rival gangs and brutal slayings intermittently serve as reminders of the film's genre. The plot invariably gravitates toward a foreseeable resolution, where enmities are settled.

Kannan's wife Manju (Nyla Usha) holds a pivotal role in her husband's life, even as he severs ties with his own mother, Kali (Sajitha Madathil). Shabeer Kallarakkal delivers a compelling performance as a menacing antagonist, his chemistry with DQ seamlessly melding with the narrative's progression. Jakes Bejoy contributes a lively and rhythmic background score, while Nimish Ravi's cinematography dispels any sense of gloom. The primary shortcoming of 'KOK' lies in its reluctance to break free from the well-worn tropes of gangster films. Undoubtedly, 'KOK' presents an alluring package that captivates its audience, yet its storyline lacks luster.

K. R. Rejeesh