Thiruchitrambalam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | UA | Family Drama
The movie largely benefits from an organic writing and superb performances from Dhanush and Nithya Menen!
Aug 21, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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Little was I excited about 'Thiruchitrambalam' when the news made the rounds that Dhanush is pairing up with director Mithran Jawahar one more time. The reason was primarily Dhanush's current form as an actor and his choice of films. Director Mithran and Dhanush have collaborated thrice - 'Yaaradi Nee Mohini', 'Kutty' and 'Uthama Puthiran' - all were Telugu remakes. 'Thiruchitrambalam' is the first Tamil original movie from the director, and it shows on screen.

The movie is about "Pazham" alias Thiruchitrambalam (Dhanush), and his attempt to find a life partner. His childhood friend Shobhana (Nithya Menen) guides and supports him throughout the process. She acts as his life coach, and guides him in every step. Also, Pazham has his emotional baggage against his father (Prakashraj), with whom he has a strained relationship. His grandfather (Bharathiraja) is yet another pillar of support for him. Did Pazham achieve what he wanted? Did he find the love of his life?

This movie has an age-old story of finding one's true love. However, what makes it unique is the writing and the choice of actors. For Nithya Menen, this is one of the most bubbly roles. But she elevated it to something much more worthy. She has delivered a phenomenal performance that makes the character authentic and believable. As a Telugu-speaking girl next door in a middle-class Chennai neighborhood, she came across as that "friend" next door to whom each and everyone can relate.

For Dhanush, this is a much-needed break. He has made sure to utilize it to the maximum extent. He has played second fiddle to Nithya Menen and, in doing so, the film has benefitted at large. Prakash Raj and Bharathiraja were solid in their respective roles. For Prakashraj, this was another day at the office. However, for Bharathiraja, this was a cliched role, but with a sense of whack.

At no point could one feel that the movie was trying hard to bring in an emotional connection. The writing was so organic, that the narrative just floated and segued into the plot points with ease and conviction. Songs and music by Anirudh are yet another high for the movie and were instrumental in bringing out the emotions. His awesome form as a music director is something that does not seem to stop.

The movie had its share of shortcomings. Predictability is one such thing that was obvious. Also, there were some cliched emotional knots. Priya Bhavani Shankar and Raashi Khanna had underwritten roles.

This movie is a good example of what can happen when stars step down from their star vehicle and prepare to soil themselves with stories that have an earthly charm. An ordinary plot can turn into an extraordinary film with the right treatment and great actors. Well done team!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran