Nottam Synopsis

Nottam is set against the back drop of the 2000 year old performing art form Koodiyattom. Vasudeva Chakkyar (played by Nedumudi Venu), who lives in the sleepy old hamlet of Nadana, is an exponent of the now near defunct art of Koodiyattom. Chakkyar's entire life is devoted to the art and has a few disciples learning the art under him. Though people of the village have little appreciation for the art form, an occasional foreigner doing research on the subject drops in to visit the artist. Saraswathy, an equally proficient exponent of Koodiyattom is Chakkyar's partner on stage. The two are drawn to each other. But Chakkyar is forced by his parents to marry another woman (played by Vanitha). Saraswathy remains a spinster, but continues to work as Chakkyar's partner on stage since there is no one to replace her. Vanitha, who knows of the earlier relationship between the two, remains a mute spectator and a dutiful wife. The film examines the emotional upheavals that are part of human relationships, and how they are variously handled by different people. Renowned Koodiyattom exponent Margi Sati, who has won numerous awards in her long career, debuts in the film as Saraswathy. Vanitha, who had taken a long break from movies after her marriage, makes a come back as Chakkyar's wife in Nottam. Jagathy Sreekumar plays the role of Chakkyar's associate, close friend and conscience keeper. Director Sasi Paravoor also does the script. Screenplay and dialogue are by Salin Mankuzhy. K.G. Jayan wields the camera. Lyrics are by Kaithapram. M. Jayachandran is the music director.