A Ranjith Cinema Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023
An aspiring director adopts events happening in his life for his maiden film, but his cinematic ideas affect his life badly. Asif Ali-starrer film has potential aspects in its concept, yet it is melodramatic and unconvincing.
Dec 9, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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Writer-director Nishanth Sattu's film unfolds as a captivating exploration of 'a film within the film' concept, weaving dramatic moments to an extreme. The dramatic thriller, 'A Ranjith Cinema,' delves into the psychoanalysis of its protagonist, Ranjith, portrayed by Asif Ali, who, succumbs to the cliched dejà vu syndrome of the aspiring filmmaker.

Ranjith, a part-time performer in a prank show, aspires to become a filmmaker. A chance encounter during a prank shoot connects him with businessman Sunny Cheriyan (Saiju Kurup), B.Ed student Pournami (Namitha Pramod), and public prosecutor Ranji Panicker, altering the course of their lives. The film loses its initial appeal as it struggles to convincingly establish bonds among characters.

As the plot unfolds, Ranjith's life events become the storyline of his debut film, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. However, the film's intensity leads to melodramatic sequences, making the narrative feel tedious. Asif Ali's portrayal of Ranjith lacks standout moments, adhering to the typical depiction of a young man aspiring for a film career. Notably, Saiju Kurup delivers an impressive performance as the beleaguered businessman Sunny.

The narrative gains intrigue when Ranjith narrates his life events to film producer Sasankan (Harisree Ashokan), with actors Anson Paul and Hannah Reji Koshy reprising the events on screen. However, the repetition of real-life sequences on screen becomes mundane for the viewer. The plot takes a turn with Ranjith's involvement in the murder case of lawyer Vijay Antony (Balachandran Chullikkad), leading to inconsistently written portions and a climax steeped in melodrama.

Despite its potential, 'A Ranjith Cinema' falls short due to melodramatic and unconvincing events, leaving a lukewarm impact. The film's concept offers glimpses of freshness, but the execution falters in delivering a compelling and coherent narrative.

K. R. Rejeesh