Philip's Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama | 1h 46min
'Philip's' simplistic tale has been woven around realistic and delightful moments of familial bonding. Despite the uneventful scenario, this family drama neatly triggers the feel-good vibes and sustains them throughout.
Dec 4, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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'Philip's' encapsulates a rich assortment of emotions integral to a family drama. The urban backdrop infuses vitality and tempo into the compelling narrative crafted by debut director Alfred Kurian Joseph. The film opens with a character's voiceover, skillfully unraveling nuanced layers that elicit genuine emotions, ensuring a resonant impact. Screenwriters Alfred and Mathukutty Xavier emphasize the potent bonds within the family, intensifying the conflicts. The performances, particularly by Mukesh portraying the family patriarch, and Innocent, contribute to the movie's sentimental ambiance, elevating the overall momentum.

The narrative revolves around the simplicity of familial bonds, interwoven with realistic and delightful moments. Despite a seemingly unremarkable plot, the family drama adeptly evokes feel-good sentiments, sustaining them consistently. Set in Bengaluru, the story follows Philip (Mukesh) and his three children residing in an apartment. Basil (Noble Thomas), the eldest son, is a techie secretly in love with the neighbor, Dona (Ansha Mohan). Blessy (Navani Devanand) enjoys skateboarding and is an average student, while Bitty (Quinn Vipin) excels in playing chess. The family's friend, Mani (Innocent), adds solace and joy to their lives. The plot takes a tragic turn, exploring how the family copes with adversity, free from cliched settings and sequences.

Aside from seasoned actors Mukesh and Innocent, the film relies heavily on the performances of novice actors, especially Quinn Vipin and Navani Devanand. The child actors infuse authenticity and luster into the uncomplicated storyline, emphasizing the significance of familial harmony. Philip, a loving father, ensures his children's education and lifestyle, fostering a palpable warmth in their home. The film tastefully navigates conflicts within the family, with Mani acting as a true well-wisher during heated moments.

The synergy between Innocent and Mukesh on screen remains noteworthy, complementing each other seamlessly. The film pays homage to Innocent in the extended climax, acknowledging his passing before the film's release. The initial half of the 108-minute feature focuses on the family's lighthearted moments and minor squabbles. However, the narrative gains depth in the latter half, unveiling a compelling conflict that garners viewer sympathy. 'Philip's' triumphs in its portrayal of a family's emotional resilience in the face of a devastating tragedy, shedding light on children's mental trauma and emphasizing the virtue of forgiveness.

Hesham Abdul Wahab's musical score harmonizes effectively with the emotional nuances of the plot, enhancing the film's overall appeal. This emotionally charged yet straightforward film radiates a substantial feel-good effect through its portrayal of natural events.

K. R. Rejeesh