Paramasivan Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Nov 10, 2005 By Franko Davis

The much hyped, much awaited Ajith starrer Paramasivan has just hit the screens. Even though the film has a lot of elements that appeal to die-hard Ajith fans, the direction by P. Vasu falls below average, considering the decent piece of work he gave in Chandramukhi. The film seems to be a hotchpotch of elements from Hollywood, and Bollywood, with portions of it resembling scenes from The Rock and its Bollywood re-make Qayamat, the Sanjay Dutt - Jackie Shroff starrer Kartoos of the late 90's. The climax scenes give you a cheap version of the motorbike race in Dhoom.

The story revolves around Subramania Siva, who is sentenced to death for killing six policemen who were responsible for the murder of his father and sister. The Jailor, a Doctor, the DGP and the SP bring him out of jail to track down 15 Pak militants.

To conceal his identity, Subramania Siva is reported killed in an encounter in jail, and a body lying unclaimed is cremated, allegedly as that of Siva. Ajith then takes on the identity of Paramasivan and goes after the villains.

The rest of the movie is about how he finishes off one of the masterminds behind the bomb blasts in Kovai, how he saves the family of the DGP from being killed by the militants, how he destroys a five-member human bomb squad to save a major IT deal happening between India and the US, and finally how he saves himself from the same officers who now want him really dead. The movie also has a parallel track on the CBI investigation about the body that was cremated as Siva’s.

The comedy aspect is taken care of by Jayaram as a Malayalee CBI Officer and his side-kick Vivek. The music by Vidyasagar is eminently forgettable. Camera work is just about average. The special effects team ought to do a more thorough course in Multimedia.

Action sequences with excessive dependence on the rope kill the thrill. Performance-wise, Ajith, Prakash Raj, Jayaram, Vivek and Aishwarya are passable. The character of Laila seems a bit hastily etched for the heroine's part, and is very childish and annoying with an overdose of broken English, and that too in bits and parts. The kind of weight reduction Ajith has done over the past year, cutting down more than 20 kilos of flab, is astounding.

Franko Davis