Nitham Oru Vaanam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | Drama
The movie works because of the feel good factor and the positive vibe that it attempts to bring on screen.
Nov 6, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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Films on travel and the resulting rejuvenation have a positive vibe on the audiences. We've seen that with films like 'Anbe Sivam' or 'Acham Enbathu Madamaiyada'. They had the travel element deeply entrenched into the narrative. Their box office success may be debatable, but such films attempt to spread a positive vibe. 'Nitham Oru Vaanam' directed by debutant Ra. Karthik relies on the same positive vibe at the core of its narrative.

Arjun (Ashok Selvan) is a perfectionist who leads a mundane life as a regular office-goer. He is a nerd who immerses himself in reading and has the habit of transforming himself into the character portrayed in the book. He faces his first painful lesson in life, when his fiance ditches him on the eve of the marriage. He goes through a rough phase. He gets counseled by his family doctor (Abhirami). Upon her advice, he chooses to travel to find answers.

The movie's narrative employed a clever ploy of showcasing its lead actor donning different roles through 'fictional' subplots. The college romance episode worked to an extent, while the rural milieu-based romance felt a little over the top. At times we wonder where the movie is headed towards. The stretches and the plot points were predictable. The actors saved the narrative to some extent, but they could do only so much.

The payoff comes when the lead actor meets the fictional characters in their real avatar. The lessons that he learns from their lives and how his perspective on life takes a dramatic turn. We've seen this in the past, but it still works because failures are part and parcel of everyone's life. It's that delicate slice of life that always has takers.

The feel-good factor and familiar actors on screen made the movie worthwhile. At a little over 150 minutes, the movie felt a bit of a stretch, but the technicalities and the locales saved the day. Especially, the Himachal portion was well shot, and we felt the cold shudders within due to the snowfall.

Aparna Balamurali as the bubbly small-town girl was the pick of the lot among the girls, while Ritu Varma as a friend who lends her shoulders to Ashok comes a close second. Others like Vinsu Rachel, Sshivada, Shivathmika, and Eesha had underwritten roles, and they made justice as much as possible. Supporting characters had a lot of scope - 'Kaali' Venkat and Azhagam Perumal made the most of it.

Music complimented the feel-good factor. Music director Gopi Sundar has to be credited for it. The movie appeals only because of the feel-good factor and the positive vibe it attempts to bring forth on screen. There is nothing novel to the story, but the narrative has a few interesting elements that make it worth your time and money.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran