Tirupathi Review

Ajith has struck it rich. His career which experienced a slight dip is sure to sky rocket again with this movie. Perarasu has proved once again that he is the Director of the masses, able to gauge the pulse of the majority theatre going tamil fans of the present genre. AVM has once again come out with an entertainer and a hit.

Ajith runs a sound service shop and has a loving family. He falls in love with Sada after some tiffs and encounters, which is sure to captivate the front benches. Ajith is also a close friend of Riyas Khan, the minister's son. Riyas uses Ajith as a henchman under the guise of being friendly. When Ajith's sister dies during childbirth, due to the inhuman and greedy attitude of Riyas's brother, Riyas's true colours are out.

Ajith vows to destroy both Riyas and his brother. In trying to achieve this objective, he realizes that killing just two people will not change things. So he plans to get a bill moved in the assembly, to declare that, all hospitals should not charge for delivery cases, even if it involves surgery. The hurdles he faces in achieving this and how he overcomes them form the plot.

A very good social message which can be a good winning plank in the present election trend is delivered well. The Director has made the entire narration without any slackening. Only towards the end the film seems a little lengthy. Otherwise all the ingredients for a successful masala movie are present in the right mix. The songs are all great hits and the picturisation and dance sequences are good. The family sentiment, the love encounters, the comedy track and the fight scenes are well planned.

The Director has also performed the role of an auto driver. He has also written the story, screen play and the lyrics. Ajith has performed very well. He has worked hard in the fights and dance sequences. He is also romantic with Sada and ruthless against his enemies. There are some 'punch' dialogues to motivate his fans. Sada is adequate in her role.

Riyas and Pyramid Natarajan are in their usual elements. Bharadwaj has produced all foot tapping numbers. The songs will play a significant role in the success of the movie. The camera work is excellent, especially in songs. The art direction stands out in the song sequences.

It is a good entertainer with a good social message. Ajith's fans will especially be pleased with the outcome.

It is a good entertainer with a good social message. Ajith's fans will especially be pleased with the outcome. Rating: 2.8 - Rajaraman.R