Driver Jamuna Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | Action, Thriller
The movie had a very innovative premise, but lack of depth in writing and flimsy character portrayal let it down!
Dec 31, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

'Padikathavan', the 1985 Rajinikanth starrer had its leading man play a cab driver. Even the Fiat that he drove was given a name (Lakshmi) and that became a cult of sorts for those who are fond of their cars (doffing the hat to the 90s kids)! Days flew by, women and objectification have become a subject of debate, and now we have a 'women-centric' genre of films with new-age directors.

We've always had this genre in the past with the 'B' line of directors - (Balumahendra, Balachander, Baghyaraj, Bharathiraja) - pardon me for the pun! However, today's directors tend to be more innovative in their portrayal. After 'Padikathavan', only now did we get a cab driver as the lead character, and that too played by Aishwarya Rajesh (smell the meat already?).

The movie is about Jamuna (Aishwarya Rajesh), who drives a taxi for a living. There is a group of hitmen who are hired to settle things off with a politician ('Aadukalam' Narain). Jamuna happens to offer a ride for the gangsters and gets caught up in the melee. Cops plan an operation to nab the gangsters by following Jamuna. Finally, towards the climax, a twist in the tale reveals how it all played out!

The issue with the movie is the lackluster first half! There were so many logical lapses that were left unattended till the end. The knots were loose and lacked any spice. Adding to the woes were the comic sensibilities of Abhishek Kumar who was stuffed in. The best he offered was a mild migraine. The goons were caricatures from an action comic - not one had a unique character!

Aishwarya's backstory was well disguised, yet it was uninteresting and fell flat. Narain and Manikandan's combo as the father and son did work out in parts. The screenplay lacked the needed depth for an action flick. There were no elaborate action sequences, nor any sinister plans. It was all haphazard and everyone seemed to think on their feet.

There was not a single moment that brought us to the edge of our seats! We just keep on guessing what is going to happen next! Time and again we get some sentiment stuffed into the mix with the portrayal of a single mother, who is slowly sliding into the jaws of Parkinson's Syndrome. Melodrama ensues towards the climax too.

There was no conviction in the climax. Director haphazardly tied the knots on whatever he managed to lay his hands on since the beginning. Director Kinslin committed the same mistake in his debut movie, 'Vathikuchi' - even there, the premise was fine, but the screenplay failed.

Had the first half been polished with some crisp scenes and refreshing dialogues, it would have segued well into the second half for a rollicking climax. Now driver Jamuna has lost her way and is failing to switch on the maps! We as the audience suffer as a result!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran