Adrishya Jalakangal Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
In a surrealistic premise with relatable events, this film explores ordinary lives snuffed out by the vicious hands of injustice and fascism. The grave plot has been aesthetically spread out to depict the mayhem in modern social life.
Nov 26, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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As a filmmaker, Dr. Biju possesses a talent for presenting compelling visuals in his works to articulate his views strongly. This approach is evident in 'Adrishya Jalakangal' as well. Through the life of the protagonist, the director opens "invisible" windows, revealing the disturbing issues of humanity, making it difficult for viewers to look away. Tovino Thomas, portraying the nameless hero, skillfully brings to life a character seemingly deranged, yet whose life events parallel those of anyone in the contemporary world. Dr. Biju adeptly embraces frugality in visual conception to convey the film's intended purpose effectively.

Set in a surrealistic premise with relatable events, the film explores ordinary lives extinguished by the cruel hands of injustice and fascism. The intricate plot unfolds aesthetically, depicting the chaos in modern social life. The film highlights the eloquence of images and tropes, compelling viewers to confront their consciences. Initially released from a mental asylum after six months, the protagonist claims sanity and reveals being detained by the police while walking on the street. His observations about those in power shed light on controversial incidents in society.

After returning to his train wagon-turned-residence on a hill, the hero encounters a woman, played by Nimisha Sajayan, residing in another wagon. Their interactions, occasionally marked by her annoyance at his music, add layers to the narrative. The man, skilled in repairing electric devices, also works part-time in a morgue.

The film takes a somber turn when the hero begins conversing with the dead bodies at the mortuary. These dialogues with the deceased serve as a surreal reminder of reality in the bizarre setting. Characters like Basheer (played by Indrans) and a guitarist (played by Bijibal) share their life and death stories, emphasizing the futility of war and the value of peace. Their monologues advocate for the embrace of books and music to sustain peace on earth.

The nuclear power plant near the protagonist's habitat serves as a symbolic trope, symbolizing the greed and merciless nature of humanity. The ongoing activities there, involving soldiers visiting the neighbor woman, further highlight these themes. The protagonist also cares for a nearby family, adding another layer to the narrative.

Tovino Thomas delivers an outstanding performance, transforming into a bizarre protagonist who figuratively echoes a lurking menace. His remarkable demeanor and intense expressions contribute to the film's cinematic excellence. Nimisha Sajayan seizes the opportunity to deliver a meaningful portrayal of her character.

Despite its surrealistic milieu, 'Adrishya Jalakangal' establishes a strong connection with viewers due to the relatable nature of its events. Dr. Biju, as usual, skillfully leverages music, scored by Rickey Kej, as a device to unveil the plight of characters and humanity. The disintegration of culture, civilization, heritage, and power is well-etched, with cinematographer Yedhu Radhakrishnan's visuals aptly encapsulating the quagmire humanity finds itself in. This socially-relevant film is enriched by fantastic images and tropes, elevating the cinematic experience while conveying vital ideas.

K. R. Rejeesh