Love Story Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Nov 25, 2005 By R.G.Vijayasarathy

"Love Story' is a remake of a legendary Telugu film "Maro Charithra' which was released more than three decades ago.The original film had a right mix of romance, sentiment and melodrama which was really liked by the youngsters and family audience alike.

But lot of water has flown in Cavuery river since the film was released and remade later in Hindi as "Ek Duje Liye' with Kamal Hasan and Rati Agnihothri in the lead."Maro Charithra' catapulted Kamal Hasan and the film's director K.Balachandar to Super Stardom in the Indian film industry, while the film's heroine Saritha came out as the most brilliant actress with abundant talent.

The majority of producers and directors in the

Kannada film industry revel in making remakes and have no complex about brandishing the fact that they are making a remake film.When there are examples of films like Upendra starrer "Raktha Kanneeru' which was a remake of the Tamil film with the same name made some five decades ago proving to be a big film in the box office, it should not surprise any one that a film like "Love Story" which is a remake of a big hit like "Maro Charithra' made in Telugu language

featuring Kamal Hassan and Sarita has inspired a film maker like Madan Patel to make it in Kannada."Maro Charitha" directed by K.Balachandar remains a classic even today and the film was made in Hindi as "Ek Duje Ki Liye' by the legendary L.V.Prasad, which also turned out to be a bigger hit than the original.

The narration has been too faithful to the original and it may well not gel with the generation next audience who are well versed in e mails and SMS messages to express their love. But the film has sequences which may evoke laughter to today's hep crowd who like to break free from the constrictions of moribund traditions. Perhaps this is one reason as to why "Love Story' the Kannada remake of such a

big hit made after a gap of thirty years has certainly ends up as a loser.The film falls below the expected levels of the film fan of this new age.

Even the music of the film is full of remade tunes and the songs have remained the transliteration of original songs.The story is too well known.Mayur Patel is youngster born and brought up in Delhi who comes to Karnataka to fall in love with a Kannada speaking girl.He picks up Kannada language very fast to even sing a song in the languages.As usual the parents to not agree for this alliance and an agreement is drawn where in the lovers have to prove their passion for each other by remaining elusive to each other for one year.Finally, the lovers prove that they are bound by a strong love element. But alas the lovers end their lives on a misunderstanding.

The romantic film has been a faithful adaptation, and perhaps this is one reason as to why some sequences of the film look good even today. But certainly there was some need for changes which the director has not cared to implement. The script was the main strength of the original film and even the performances were outstanding.But young Mayur Patel struggles hard to prove a point in "Love Story' which also has some good performances from experienced artists like Komal and Pramila Joshai.Bengali actress Tanu Rai who

plays the heroine's role in the film fails to deliver.She is really the spoiler of the film and her body language and emotions do not match.

Her failure is the main reason as to why many important sequences have fallen flat in the film.

Nothing could be said of director Bharathi Kannan but the outdoor locations have been well shot by Cameraman Mathew Rajan. K. Kalyan has lifted the tunes from the original.If you have not seen either "Maro Charithra' or "Ek Duje Ki Liye' in the theatres or in small screen, they "Love Story' may just please you. It is certainly a poor remake of some weak performances.