Thambi Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Nov 29, 2005 By Sathish Kumar


Thambi is a portrait of an individual whose ruthless ambition and self-inflicted obession is to fight for the betterment of the society.What makes the movie tick is its eye-catching opening credit sequence, a self-concious visual style and some pretty head-on violence.

Seeman has not only showed his deftness in directing, but also his penning skills. He successfully maintains the movie's pace with sharp dialogues and perfect screenplay.

Here goes the sotry…

Thambi Velu Thondaiman (Madhavan) is a man of fury and his rages comes to fore if he see any wrong around him. However, his revolutionary throughts drives him to reform bad guys rather than fight them.


He confronts Annachi alias Sankara Pandian (Biju Menon),a local don who is a terror to the locals. He decides to reform him.Archana (Pooja), a student of the college sees Thambi fighting with gangsters,and mistakes him to be a goon.However, she changes her heart after hearing Thambi's troubled life in the past.

After touching briefly on Thambi's past life, in particular how his entire family is killed by Annachi's gang,the film's focus is on Thambi and how he brings a change in Shankara Pandian's heart and mind.Meanwhile,Archana after knowing Tambi's true character,starts loving him. However,Shankara Pandian gets out of jail and hotly pursues Thambi to draw his blood.How Thambi manage Shankara Pandian is told in reviting climax.


With director Seeman on top form, Thambi finishs on high, but one lasting memory is the stunning performance of Maddy. He guides the film throughout with ease. Biju Menon, as Annachi essays his role with ease. Pooja gives the movie a passion that is simply enthralling. The supporting cast including Illavarasu, Vadivelu, Mannivanan and Manobala add value. Music from Vidhyasagar is average. Cinematography by Balasubramanyam captures the vigour and exitement in many of the scenes.Vikram Dharma's stunt scenes are commendable, and Mani Raj's art work is noteworthy.

Watching this movie, your heart srings will certainly be pulled.

Sathish Kumar