Kalaba Kadhalan Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Nov 29, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar , Feb 20, 2006

Kalaba Kadhalan explores relationships, marriage, romance and sex.Importantly, this lurid subject matter is handled subtly where no one gender being offended. Debutant director Igor has made this movie honestly, convincingly and believably. The plot, details, characterization and dialogue are good. The only flip side is its script. It disintegrates and dissolves into slow action at times.With a better script, the move would have gone on record as the best film among all the first quarter releases of this year.

Here goes the story…

Akhilan (Arya),yuppie software professional goes to a village in Tirunelveli in search of a simple and bucolic girl to get married.He finds his woman in Anbarasi (Renuka Menon) and marries her.

After moving to the city, they have the trappings of a perfect life until Kanmani (Akshaya), sister of Anbarasi comes to live them and pursue her studies. Kanmani, a pervert, develops a craving for Akhilan. She follows him and woos him to have a fling with her. As Akhilan is deeply rooted in family values he turns down her advances. However, Anbarasi is not aware of all the sexual harangues going around her. After Anbarasi conceives, Kanmani turns into a manipulative and vindictive woman. She forcefully imposes her will on Akhilan and does everything in her power to get her lover. How does Akhilan thwart her schemes is well told in the remaining part of the film.

The movie ticks because of the on-screen chemistry between Arya, Akshaya and Renuka Menon have worked out well. The muscular, young Arya is convincing as the articulate hubby who can't communicate about emotional feelings with his wife, but lives by the code of loyalty and securing what is his.Debutant actress, Akshaya, playing a fabulatrix gives an ecstatic performance. The way she evolves into a menacing maniac in every screen appearance is credible, and it makes you sit up wonder if it is from a seasoned actress. Renuka Menon as a charming wife is competent yet very generic. Director Igor must be lauded for his adeptness in filmmaking.

Milan's sets needs a special mention. The flashy luxury apartment where most action takes place and the shipwreck song on the beach makes the movie lively. Music scored by Niru is average.

Kalaba Kadhalan is satisfying and would be acceptable to many teenagers.

P.V.Sathish Kumar , Feb 20, 2006