December Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film
Nov 30, 2005 By Franko Davis

The film December seems to have been in a hurry. It came to the metros and left without anybody realizing it. This reviewer had to chase it to a run down theatre in a village to have a glimpse - and a glimpse was enough. Directed by Ashok R Nath and produced by Sheryl Antony, December has nothing to offer to the viewer. The story is about a murder mystery being resolved after a gap of 15 - 20 years. A Minister's Private Secretary gets killed in an explosion. The minister himself gets killed in a hospital run by a very good friend his, while under the medical supervision of a doctor who happens to be the son of the deceased secretary. The director might fancy he has kept up the suspense till the end, but the story is so run-of-the-mill, any kindergarten student will be able to tell you the entire storyline after having seen the first twenty minutes of the film.


ulan as the hero is a big let down, though the same cannot be said about the heroine Aparna, who does well in the dance and emoting scenes. One also feels that Lalu Alex and Balachandra Menon have over done their roles. The character of Lalu Alex draws comparison to his performance of a similar role in Oral Maathram, a couple of years ago along with Mammootty. The film is full of flaws. There is a lack of finesse in all the departments. The background score lacks quality and the fight sequences are far removed from reality. The only redeeming grace about the film is the music by Jassie Gift. The film has six songs, two of them sung by Jesudas. In the remote possibility of the film still being shown in a theatre near you, it would be worth your while to give it a miss.

Franko Davis