Nadikalil Sundari Yamuna Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | 2h 9min
A 35-year-old man's dilemma in finding a suitable girl is the major conflict of this comedy drama. The film gets bolstered in the latter half only and the tenuous theme is impressive in parts.
Sep 17, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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Writer-director duo Vijesh Panathur and Unni Vellora handle a paper-thin rustic tale in 'Nadhikalil Sundari Yamuna.' Their whole efforts are to drive home the idea of social integration by pushing aside conflicting political parties. The storyline is focused on the life of 35-year-old Kannan, enacted by Dhyan Sreenivasan, who is desperate to get married in order to retain the right of performing a temple ritual. Set in Kannur, Kannan's political inclinations make him go to any extent to get hitched challenging the other political party.

The theme appears to be extremely puerile but the premise of the countryside justifies the conflict between two political parties. Vidyadharan, played by Aju Varghese, is a textile shop owner, whom Kannan considers as his rival due to the former's affinity towards his opposite party. The sequences of the film get steadied with a more bolstered latter half where Kannan ties the knot with Yamuna (Pragya Nagra). Her entry creates new issues in Kannan's life. Meanwhile, certain events lead to flaring up of Kannan's vengeance towards Vidyadharan.

The first half is mostly devoted to showcase the conflict of parties and the influence of friends in Kannan's life. His friend and party worker Sudhakaran (Nirmal Palazhi) takes the vital decisions for him. It's a cake walk for Dhyan to essay a government servant from a village and he shows little qualms in the performance. However, it's riveting to see Aju's portrayal of Vidyadharan with a whole different mannerism. Vidyadharan aka Vidya is more sensible and mature than Kannan in his words and deeds. In fact, as an actor, Aju's performance overshadows that of the hero's in many parts. Pragya Nagra's arrival gives a momentum as well as a new dimension to the tale.

The directors make a deliberate bid to stir up nostalgia of rustic films in 'Nadhikalil Sundari Yamuna,' which has a melody from the yesteryear flick 'Varavelppu'. The shoddily conceived first half takes away one's attention from the movie for sure despite things falling in place later. Intended funny scenes fail to yield results as the narration embraces an uninteresting way in most parts. There are flashes of amusing moments but the script lacks consistency.

The film's major portions are catered to the tussle between two sides and the hero's roaming with his friends. The battle of ideologies of the parties fails to rev up the premise and contributes very little to the tale. The plot appears to be loitering by delineating the conflict before arriving at a lackluster climax. At a glance, all the fripperies are seemingly in place for this comedy flick but the tenuous theme is impressive in parts.

K. R. Rejeesh