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TV Series | 2022 | Anthology
'Victim' is a direct-to-OTT anthology film directed by four well-known directors in Tamil cinema. The film consists of 4 different short films or featurettes that have a common theme. Pa. Ranjith's film was the most powerful and impactful of the lot.
Aug 6, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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'Victim' is a direct-to-OTT anthology film directed by four well-known directors in Tamil cinema. The film consists of 4 different short films or featurettes that have a common theme. The theme, as the title suggests is the victimization of not just people, but values and morals that get eroded due to circumstances. Let's delve into each film and how they fared among their peers. The following is the order in which I liked them:

1. Dhammam

Directed & Written: Pa. Ranjith

Starring: Guru Somasundaram, Lizzie Antony, Kalaiarasan, Harikrishnan

The movie opens with a Budha statue. Soon, we get a glimpse of a little girl emerging from the back of the statue. She tries to balance herself on top of the statue and pretends to fly. She is stopped vehemently by her father (Guru Somasundaram) who toils hard in his field. Soon, we get a sense of space and time, and the caste conflict that ensues between the upper and lower strata ends with both sides realizing what is the need of the hour.

Among the 4 films, this featurette is by far the best. The film organically crawls through the mundane life of a farmer, what he has to battle through, how he struggles to save his self-respect and the lives of his near and dear ones, and how caste and economic fanaticism masks the rationale of men who turn savages within no time.

The drone shots were used with a purpose as the entire film was set in a huge field. The vast expanse of the landscape was utilized very well to move the plot forward. The hate, abuse, and a sense of entitlement of the haves towards the have-nots have been captured with aplomb. Who can better showcase such themes in the current day Tamil cinema than Pa.Ranjith?

His collaboration with his usual set of actors has proved to be fruitful for him once again. They have delivered what was needed and something more as it is Ranjith's "turf" that needs no introduction. However, for me, the little girl stole the show with her natural and effortless performance. At the end, when her father picks up her school bag and straps it on her shoulder. That summarises the entire theme very well.

Rating: 3 / 5

2. Confession:

Directed & Written: Venkat Prabhu

Starring: Amala Paul, Prassana, Krish

Director Venkat Prabhu's "Confession" is given the hook-line 'A Venkat Prabhu Call'. Amala Paul and Prassana lead the cast with Krish playing a supporting role. As with many Venkat Prabhu urban movies, this too has a matured theme of showcasing a femme fatale who ends up holding the victim card.

Prasanna who bore a negative shade was brilliant with his suave looks and carried himself very elegantly. His lines were believable and at times there was a hint of dark humor. However, the movie's authenticity was questionable with some loopholes that were left unplugged. The twist in the climax was enjoyable as well.

Technically, the movie was sound with good music, editing, and cinematography. Amala Paul was apt for the role and Krish also fitted the role of an NRI to the tee.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

3. Kottai Paaku Vathalum Mottai Maadi Sitharum

Directed & Written: Simbudevan

Starring: Thambi Ramaiah, Nassar

Simbudevan's film sits right in the fantasy zone that he always prefers to dabble with. Set against the 2020 Covid lockdown, the movie explores the life of a journalist who is desperate to save his job and wants to dish out an interview with the 'Mottai Maadi Sithar', who is largely considered a fictional being.

After a lot of coincidence and one thing leading to another, Thambi Ramaiah encounters the Sithar (played by Nassar). After some interesting questions, the Sithar is convinced of the journalistic prowess of Thambi Ramaiah and gives him a 'magic mat' that is considered the cure for many diseases.

Things just wouldn't stop there. As predicted, there is a larger malaise that is hidden behind all these happenings. We've seen such films in the past. We could predict what is next. However, the last surprise in store was not expected where Sithar wins hands down! This one can be watched for Thambi Ramaiah's antics and dialogue delivery!

Rating: 2.25 / 5

4. Mirage

Directed & Written: M. Rajesh

Starring: Priya Bhavani Shankar, Natarajan (Natty)

Director Rajesh who is well known for his comic scripts has attempted to stray from his usual path. He tries his hand at a thriller. The plot traverses between a psycho and a supernatural thriller. Natty's eccentric performance can be lauded. Priya has also contributed in her capacity. However, the plot was weak with so many logical questions that begged to be asked at various junctures.

The movie's technicalities were also underwhelming and the entire narrative was anything but organic. In the end, the definition of the victim was more of a medical condition than something driven by circumstance. This was the weakest of the lot.

Rating: 1.75 / 5

Overall, Pa. Ranjith has yet again proved that he is an intense filmmaker and believes in what he does. His film was the most powerful and impactful of the lot. Since the movies are demarcated as separate episodes, I would consider watching only the first 3. However, the last one (Mirage) can be given a miss.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran