Mohini 9886788888 Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film | Horror, Suspense
Aug 11, 2006 By RGV

Well known producer-director S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu who has been a trend setter in the Kannada film industry as for as adventure and political based films comes out with his first Horror-Suspense filled family drama "Mohini’ which looks like a curious title with a mobile number hanging on to it.

The film has its good moments and it is certain that Babu has delivered what he had all the time promised to the Kannada audience. "I will make a completely different film using the present techniques of sound and graphics to the full advantage’ the director had declared during the pooja of the film. The film’s narration is certain to thrill the audience and the gripping sequences before the final climax sequences are the high point of the film.

Babu had earlier made films with different genres like comedy, romance, action and even light sentimental flicks some of which were based on some popular Kannada novels. He is always known to work on his scripts. But many of Babu’s critics have attributed influence of some western films on his films. Even in the case of "Mohini’, a reference to Hollywood flick "Telephone’ will certainly not be out of place, though several changes have been initiated in the "Mohini’ script. Though it can not be argued that "Mohini’ is based on the successful film "Telephone’, it will not be far away from truth if it is said that the Kannada film has been influenced from many of sequences in the English film.

Babu may be questioned by rationalists for giving credibility to the existence of a ghost and its revenge, as it is the ghost which kills the villains one by one. If you are a firm believer that ghosts do not exist, then this film may be difficult to digest. But if you want to spend a good evening of entertainment, then this film is certain to keep you engaged through out the length of the film.

Keeping these aspersions aside, it has to be said that "Mohini’ is a film that is certain to entertain the audience. Even the family audience will enjoy the film as the whole story revolves around some mysterious incidents that happen in the family. There is enough place of humor to keep you in splits in many sequences and there are a few sequences which really make you sit on the edge of the seat.

Varsha is working as a television journalist and she is on look out for a breakthrough in a major sex racket. A gang of thugs who are operating this racket are shadowing Varsha all the times. She is saved by her friend Aadi who is an unemployed youngster spending his time with his friends. Then Sada finds that whenever she chases the culprits they are getting killed by a mysterious person. She wants to unravel the truth, but the killings continue and all of them succumb when they get a telephone call from Mohini. Varsha comes to known that her boyfriend Aadi is a police investigator who has been assigned the job of finding out the killer. After a series of terrifying incidents that happen in Aadi’s sister’s house the truth comes out.

Babu has taken the best technical support from his cameraman Giri and Music director Hamsalekha who have done their best. Giri’s outdoor photography is colorful as much as it is dazzling. It comes alive in many sequences. Hamsalekha comes out with an appealing all round music of peppy numbers and foot tapping songs like "Ranga Ranga Dingara Ranga’. Songs are well shot. The editing is sharp. The costumes of the lead actors are trendy, youthful and are pleasing to the eyes.

Audithya enlivens the role of a police officer who camouflages as a street fighter in the beginning. His performance will certainly be talked about. Sada looks glamorous and she is improving by every film. Sequences featuring Komal and Bullet Prakash are certain to evoke laughter as both of them have good timing. Suhasini Manirathnam acts in a brief role, but she is certain to be remembered. Another talented actor Nasser and villains Aadi Lokesh along with Riyaz Khan fit in to their roles perfectl