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Feature Film | 2023 | UA | Action, Drama
In the face of a menacing group of thugs, two brothers and their friend unite to defend their family, resulting in the adrenaline-fueled spectacle of 'RDX.' This film is a thrilling blend of action-packed sequences and heartfelt emotions.
Aug 26, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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'RDX,' directed by debutante Nahas Hidhayath, delves into the realm of survival drama as a family grapples with the vendetta of a ruthless gang. Set against a backdrop of conflict, the film harnesses emotional intensity to captivate the audience, even as action-packed sequences take center stage. While the screenplay may not be abundant in resources, Hidhayath skillfully maintains engagement through brisk storytelling and impressive stunt choreography. Writers Adarsh Sukumaran and Shabas Rasheed infuse the tale with intermittent twists, leaning into the classic give-and-take dynamic and well-timed retaliation. The director's finesse rescues the narrative from stagnation, infusing it with a vibrant treatment.

Hidhayath's narrative mastery shines through as the pacing remains consistently dynamic, avoiding melodrama that could veer into excess. Amidst the whirlwind of action and violence, the film skillfully handles sentimental relationships. The synergy between emotional depth and aggressive elements renders 'RDX' all the more appealing. Hidhayath's promising debut is evident as he adeptly navigates the plot's escalation.

The crux of 'RDX' unfolds during a church festival marred by the intrusion of outsiders. Dony (Antony Varghese) steps in to defend his father Philip (Lal), who was attacked by a henchman. As a martial arts expert, Dony retaliates effectively, prompting the assailants to flee. However, a brutal assault on Philip's family by a gang from a Kochi colony shatters their lives. Dony's wife Simi (Aima Sebastian), along with his mother Kunjumol (Mala Parvathy) and infant, are gravely injured.

Robert (Shane Nigam), Dony's brother, resides in Bengaluru following a past altercation. Learning of his family's tragedy, Robert returns to Kochi. Together with Dany and their friend Xavier (Neeraj Madhav), a karate expert, they embark on a mission to avenge their loved ones against their chief nemesis, Paulson (Vishnu Agasthya). However, it's a battle that won't be easily won.

The core of the story revolves around the clash between Robert's family and the colony gang. The trio's expertise in martial arts is on full display as they strive to retaliate. Mahima Nambiar portrays Mini, a resident of the colony who once had feelings for Robert during their college days. Their relationship plays a pivotal role in the narrative's turning point.

Shane Nigam impeccably embodies the central character, showcasing both agility and depth in action sequences. His nuanced portrayal effectively conveys the character's emotional turmoil. Antony Varghese shoulders a significant part of the film's weight, portraying the protagonist's perpetual strain with finesse. Neeraj Madhav is equally impressive, embodying the sincere friend role with conviction.

The antagonists, particularly Vishnu Agasthya, bring substantial energy to the film, fueling a genuine desire for their downfall. Sam C S's music amplifies the tension of pivotal scenes. 'RDX' may appear as an action-packed thriller on the surface, but beneath the veneer lies a story that justifies its fiery action. While elements of the film might venture into the realm of the unreal, it ultimately presents a comprehensive blend of heart-pounding events driven by cinematic adrenaline.

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