Vela Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
Unable to cope with the injustice done by his superior, a junior civil police officer takes the initiative to solve a missing case. 'Vela' has got a promising theme and neat performances, but the screenplay struggles to thrive beyond a point.
Nov 12, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

The term 'Vela' denotes 'job' and serves as the backdrop for a temple festival in Palakkad, where the film unfolds. First-time director Syam Sasi's film is commendable for its exploration of contrasting approaches to official duties and obligations. The narrative follows a clash between a corrupt Sub Inspector and a newly appointed civil police officer, as the latter strives to uphold integrity in public service. The central plot, situated in a police control room, reaches saturation at a certain point, revealing a sluggishness in the storyline. The young police officer grapples with the challenge of identifying the true identity behind a mysterious call to the control room, essential to avoid a repeat of an incident that led to his suspension.

Shane Nigam portrays Civil Police Officer Ullas Augustine, who joins the telecommunication department of the police control room. As the son of a deceased police officer, Ullas aspires to be an honest and dedicated public servant, seeking justice for the people. His suspension, resulting from mishandling a call, prompts him to believe in a conspiracy orchestrated by his senior, Mallikarjunan (Sunny Wayne), to cover up a missing case. During his suspension, Ullas gathers evidence against Mallikarjunan, which he later entrusts to SI Ashok Kumar (Sidharth Bharathan) in the hope of delivering justice.

Upon his reinstatement, Ullas faces ongoing challenges as Mallikarjunan plots to remove him from service. As a newcomer, Ullas confronts pressure from senior officers, and his strained relationship with his girlfriend adds to his mental anguish. Written by M. Sajas, 'Vela' excels in portraying the mental clash between two police officers in the line of duty, stemming from their ego-driven competition. While Ullas' actions are justifiable, Mallikarjunan persists in nefarious deeds with political backing. The film boasts a compelling theme and solid performances, yet the screenplay struggles to sustain momentum.

Shane Nigam delivers a convincing portrayal of Ullas Augustine, capturing the protagonist's emotional turmoil. Sunny Wayne shines in his role as the malicious Mallikarjunan, injecting vitality and suspense into the plot. 'Vela' stands out for addressing a significant issue within the law enforcement domain with subtlety. Despite its potential, the execution lacks the necessary intensity, resulting in a conclusion that fizzles out rather than making a resounding statement.

K. R. Rejeesh