Sakha Sakhi Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
Dec 16, 2005 By R.G.Vijayasarathy

"Saka Sakhi' is one more addition to the list of remakes that are storming the Kannada film industry these days. The film directed by Dayal is a remake of Dhanush starrer Tamil Hit "Tiruda Tirudi' which also had Kannada film actress Chaya Singh in the lead. But despite the presence of the bubbly Chaya Singh, the Kannada remake fails to impress because of the poor handling of the subject by the director and absence of the popular tune of "Manmadha Raja' which was highly responsible for the success of the Tamil film. "Tirudi Tirudi' was an ordinary offering which became a hit because of the energetic combination of Dhanush and Chayasingh and also mainly because of one foot tapping song "Manmatha Raja'.The film was later remade in Telugu with Vishnu and Sada in the lead titled as "Donga Dongadi'which did not reach a high level of success.

But the film did have the popular song with the same tunes and music which was shot in the same place where "Manmada Raja' was shot."Sakha Sakhi' does not have this song, as the tunes of the song and the shooting style were already lifted and repeated for another Kannada "Kalasipalya' which also became a big hit because of the popularity of the song.With the main attractive point missing out in the film,"Sakha Sakhi' falls flat down the ground with a bad handling of the project and poor taste of the director who seems to find some pleasure in focusing camera on naval and cleavage of female stars and its below the belt dialogues.

Director Dayal has made of a series of bad films recently including "Yeshwant' and "Masala' and "Sakha Sakhi' is an addition in the list of below the par film. His poor taste is the main cause for the film's failure to deliver goods. He is reluctant to make any improvisations, but tries to make the film much unbearable. "Sakha Sakhi' could have been saved by including some good and punchy dialogues and a tasty stylish presentation.Even the Telugu version of the film "Donga Dongadi' looks much better than the Kannada film despite the quality of Telugu films much below the Kannada films in terms of popular taste. "Sakha Sakhi' has the story of two assertive, non serious, incorrigible, hot headed youngsters who want to show their superiority at all costs.The hero is Siva who is in Mysore with his parents. He is always roaming with his friends and is always being criticized by his father for being irresponsible.He meets an assertive girl Viji with whom he develops a confrontationist attitude from the beginning. Both of them will meet again in Banglore where Siva gets a job. But they continue with their fights only to realize that they are in love. Finally, they decide to come together.This small story thread had a bad narration even in original Tamil film, but what had really saved the film was the song which was choreographically well presented.With the absence of this song, the Kannada version looks like a diluted, sugar less water melon juice.The director has spoiled it much further by his poor taste by focusing on second heroine's naval and cleavage. Chaya Singh is the only redeeming factor of the whole film. Her spontaneity is the highlight of the film. Her bubbly presence not withstanding, the film has many minus points.Sunil has tried his best to look good, but his body language and emotions do not match to the character he portrays.Sadhu Kokila's comedy is in poor taste. His music is also just ordinary.A film which you can miss out.