Maharani Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
Two siblings find themselves in the midst of chaos when one of their girlfriends fails to show up for the preplanned secret marriage. The aura of comic milieu has been created within a paper-thin plot and the inane events apparently promise void impact.
Nov 27, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

Panic takes center stage in this chaotic narrative revolving around the disappearance of the girlfriends of two brothers. The elder sibling finds himself in hot water when his girlfriend fails to appear for their secret wedding, while the younger one faces a similar dilemma when his girlfriend goes missing from her home on the same day. Set in a village in Cherthala in Alappuzha, the conflict in 'Maharani' is simplistic and nonsensical, rendering any attempt to immerse oneself in it futile. Directed by G Marthandan and scripted by Ratheesh Ravi, the film is laden with elements of confusion and quarreling rather than a substantial storyline. The comedic atmosphere is crafted on a flimsy plot, and the seemingly trivial events promise little impact.

'Maharani' unfolds the story of a family where the elder son, Ajeesh aka Aji (Shine Tom Chacko), and the younger son, Vijeesh aka Viji (Roshan Mathew), share a friendly relationship while dedicating considerable time to their romances. Unlike his brother, Viji enjoys flirting with girls, particularly those from affluent families. Among his various girlfriends, Rani stands out as an annoying presence, and Viji wishes to keep his distance from her. However, Rani, known for her childish and obstinate demeanor, genuinely loves Viji.

The father of the siblings, portrayed by Johny Antony, grants them the freedom to make their own choices and even assists Aji in bringing his girlfriend, Kavya (Sruthy Jayan), out of her house. On the day of Aji's secret marriage to Kavya, she fails to appear, causing panic. Simultaneously, Viji discovers that Rani is missing from her home, leading to accusations from her father (Harisree Ashokan) and brother Rini (Balu Varghese) that Viji is hiding her. The chaos intensifies when Viji starts receiving calls from Rani.

Amidst the commotion and quarrels, 'Maharani' attempts to shed light on caste systems, superstitions, and unhealthy political influences in society. The character Chaaniyil Gireesan (Gokulan), a deranged man wandering the streets, serves as a silent observer to the events in the film, maintaining consistency solely in the pace of its narration. The intended humor in the bewildering conversations among characters barely elicits comedic situations, instead testing the audience's sensibilities. The plethora of characters becomes absurd in broad daylight, as a straightforward solution to their problems is evident.

The antics of the protagonists provide amusement in parts, and the mediocre storyline fails to capitalize on the potential of the star cast. Roshan convincingly portrays a carefree youth with an interest in romantic escapades, while Shine endeavors to bring out peculiarities in his character with a confident performance. The film lacks basic competency in generating comedy through a series of absurd circumstances. Director Marthandan's attempt to sustain enjoyable moments with an aimless story yields only partial results, causing the movie to stumble beyond a certain point.

K. R. Rejeesh