Love Today Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022 | Drama
The movie gives a slice of the digital age romance that is riddled with malice, yet entertaining in parts!
Nov 5, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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Being a 90s kid, I could still recollect a young Vijay in a 1997 interview, asking people to watch "Love Today", as it has a message to all the "roadside Romeos"!! Cut to 2022, after 25 years, we have a movie with the same name about a roadside Romeo, but with the quintessential modern gadget in his and her hands - the mobile phone! As they say, mobile phones have become an extension of our organs - as funny as it sounds, it is so true. The shield that one enjoys in the digital space is as good as the person in question. Call it societal malice or way of life, this is something that filmmakers have started pondering into in the last few years!

"Love Today" directed by Pradeep Ranganathan has such a modern technological challenge as its central conflict. A remake of a short film, the movie is about the lives of Uthaman Pradeep (Pradeep Ranganathan) and Nikitha (Evana) who are crazily in love with each other. That was until both exchanged their respective mobile phones with each other, thanks to Nikitha's father, Venu Shastri (Sathyaraj). Thereafter conflicts surround their relationship with accusations from both sides questioning each other's 'honesty'. Did they unite at the end - yes, you guessed it right.

The movie talks about a pertinent aspect of technology and how it can influence the most intimate of relationships. These are modern societal challenges and conflicts that can be viewed through a variety of glasses. Director Pradeep being a light-hearted filmmaker has chosen to take the safe path of a youthful romantic comedy that appeals to the gen Z.

Pradeep, who also makes a debut as an actor, has chosen the right role to introduce himself to the audience. It is a role that is flawed, to say the least. However, we've seen such characteristics in many heroes whom Selvaraghavan has introduced in the past. The presentation was decent and the lines were a bag of hits and misses. Evana, who earlier appeared as an abused minor in Bala's 'Naachiyaar' has now landed a much more bubbly role. She has the stereotypical 'heroine' role, but had some meat!

Stereotypes do not end up there. A 'Brahminical' color has been given to a disciplinarian and 'boomer' father. Friends who are portrayed more as caricatures. Mother, who is a disciplinarian, but is tolerant enough to acknowledge even if her son's moral scale tilts. Past relationships and their influence on the current ones. Stalking women over the internet. And the list goes on.

Certain characters and plot points were interesting. Raveena Ravi and Yogi Babu's relationship as the potential bride and groom was sweetly conceived. It gives a very thoughtful view of a woman's perspective on how she chooses her better half. Though body shaming is at its core, transforming the same as an emotional subplot was a substantial twist to the tale.

Few of the numbers from Yuvan were hummable. However, it is way far from Yuvan's usual standards. Still waiting for him to make a solid comeback! Other technicalities like cinematography, editing, and sound design were par for the course. Overall, the movie that is supposed to entertain its target audience, the youth who are in their 20s, does the job. However, others who are beyond that age or mindset leave the theatres with mixed feelings. It's not the stale climax or the least engaging last 30 minutes that is worrisome, it is about the values that the youth embark on in this neo-modern technologically driven digital world. Let's hope for a better world!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran