Kaathal - The Core Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
Jeo Baby-directed film turns over a new leaf by depicting sexuality and its aftermath in one's family life. With its simplicity in narration and elegance in treatment, the film needles an astounding and effective emotional revelation while unfolding the mental trauma of a couple.
Nov 24, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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The essence of 'Kaathal-The Core' is familiar, yet its presentation stands as a groundbreaking achievement. Director Jeo Baby skillfully narrates a story of sexuality, seamlessly interwoven with marital dynamics, challenging societal norms through the lens of absolute individual freedom. The screenplay, crafted by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria, serves as the driving force behind this cinematic venture.

In a departure from conventional feminist perspectives, Baby, known for 'The Great Indian Kitchen,' explores a woman's struggle in a marital context, shedding light on her 20-year battle with mental burdens. 'Kaathal' shares thematic commonalities with MB Padmakumar's 'My Life Partner' (2014), yet distinguishes itself by courageously addressing taboos within a rural setting. The film urges audiences to confront and accept the realities of the modern age.

Mammootty's portrayal of Mathew Devassy captures the mental turmoil of individuals seeking acceptance in a conservative society, residing in the village of Theekoi in Kottayam with his wife Omana (Jyothika) and ailing father. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Omana files for divorce just days after Mathew reluctantly agrees to run for panchayat elections, creating shockwaves in the community.

The revelation behind Omana's decision rattles the village, affecting not only Mathew but also others like Thankan (Sudhi Kozhikode), the owner of a driving school. The ensuing legal battle, with Advocate Sajitha (Chinnu Chandini) representing Mathew and lawyer Ameera (Muthumani) representing Omana, offers a unique exploration of individual freedom rights and choices within a marital context.

Unlike typical family court dramas, 'Kaathal' navigates the complexities of a couple's relationship, emphasizing conciliation over blame-game, even in the courtroom. Omana, portrayed as a resilient homemaker, confronts the suppression in her marriage that transforms into a silent mental trauma, a revelation she courageously voices in court.

Mammootty's performance, though not challenging for an actor of his caliber, subtly conveys emotions that elevate key scenes, showcasing his supreme versatility. Jyothika's convincing portrayal, complemented by Jomol's exceptional dubbing, adds depth to the film. Mathews Pulickan's music becomes an integral part of 'Kaathal,' enhancing emotional impact and engaging the audience.

In its simplicity of narration and elegant treatment, 'Kaathal' breaks new ground by addressing sexuality and its aftermath within a family context. Director Jeo Baby fearlessly tackles a burning theme in the rural setting, urging society to discard pretensions and embrace new perspectives.

K. R. Rejeesh



Movie content is good. But as a movie it's like a drama, not cinematic.