Bandra Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Action, Drama
An action drama with a potent hero at the helm, this film strictly follows a cliched template and it never appears to be promising.
Nov 11, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

Arun Gopy's latest directorial venture exudes opulence and technical finesse, featuring Dileep in the role of Alexander Dominic, alias Ala, set in the backdrop of 'Bandra.' The film paints Ala as a conventional yet formidable hero surrounded by extravagant embellishments. The director spares no effort in employing cinematic techniques to enhance the hero's persona, leaving subtle innuendos in the climax. However, the impact falls short due to a mundane narrative, including a subplot involving an IPS officer.

The film's primary plot, set in the 90s, follows a tired formula of run-of-the-mill action drama, with director Arun Gopy struggling to deliver a compelling narrative despite the luxurious settings. The predictable events and dreary sequences test the audience's patience, but Shaji Kumar's visuals add a touch of appeal to the overall atmosphere.

'Bandra' opens by portraying the struggle of assistant director Sakshi (Mamta Mohandas) to make her mark in the film industry. As her scripts fail to impress actors, she decides to focus on the alleged suicide of yesteryear actress Tara Janaki (Tamannah Bhatia), encountering Mirchi (Kalabhavan Shajohn) in the process. The flashback scenes, set in the 90s Bombay film circuit, revolve around Ala's (Dileep) life intersecting with Tara's.

Ala, portrayed as a typical hero, becomes a savior, venturing into the underworld to eliminate criminals. The latter half introduces the subplot of Veeraraghavan IPS (Sarathkumar), adding a lackluster dimension to the main plot. The film struggles to evoke emotional resonance, leaving a sense of directionlessness when multiple actors make appearances.

While Dileep maintains a strong presence with an appealing look, his character lacks the opportunity to showcase acting prowess. Tamannah, in her Malayalam debut, adeptly captures the volatile emotions of her character. Despite boasting technical elegance, 'Bandra' succumbs to an unimaginative and lackluster screenplay, adhering strictly to a cliched template and failing to fulfill its promise.

K. R. Rejeesh



Very good movie... Gripping and full of entertainment i love the way script is carried.. Nice entertainment