Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Action, Drama
Aug 26, 2006 By PVS

With Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (VV), Director Goutam Menon given a third successive hit after 'Minnalae' and 'Kaakka Kaakka'. He has once again crafted a fascinating cop story. If there is a rival for this movie, it is 'Kaakka Kaakka', which is also from his own workshop.

VV has all the elements that make a movie a big hit. It has sharply sophisticated script, splendid performance, astute direction and characterization and most original.

Completely un-miss-able and absolutely unforgettable, 'VV' is nothing short of an excellent movie.

Here goes the story...

The snazzy opening sequence begins with a reflection on the life of DCP Raghavan (Kamal Hassan). It is just the first of several remarkable scenes that are unmistakably shot by Goutam.

DCP Raghavan comes to Madurai to investigate the brutal murder of Rani, daughter of the Chennai city Police Commissioner Arogyaraj (Prakash Raj). Raghavan and Arogyaraj have a long standing relationship.

Watch the scene depicting Rani's chopped off finger hanging as a "dristi kair" at the entrance of her house. It rightly sets a grim context. Scarily moving!!

To overcome their grief, Arogyaraj and his wife go to New York. But little do they realize that the unapologetic murderer is on their trail. Without remorse, Arogyaraj and his wife too are killed gruesomely in their Long Islands house. Taken aback by the serial killing, Tamil Nadu police entrust Raghavan the job of tracking down the serial killer.

As a sub-plot, Raghavan saves Aradhana (Jyothika) when she attempts suicide due to a failed marriage. Then on emotions run between each other and romance blossoms between the two. Raghavan is a widower, whose wife (Kamalinee) was killed accidentally in an encounter operation in Tirunelveli.

Raghavan takes the support of Anderson, a New York police officer and the FBI sets out to investigate the suspects and pin down the killer. In an astonishing central performance of utter mesmerizing brilliance Kamal tracks down the killer. How he does it forms the remaining part of the movie.

The beauty of Kamal's performance is in the expressiveness of his character. His acting is so vibrant that he keeps you absorbed through out the film. That deftness is matched by Goutam's astute direction, precise period feel, evocative photography and a fine ensemble of actors rising to the challenge of Kamal's greatness.

Jyothika and Kamalinee have played their roles to the T. Prakash Raj's on-screen screen presence is as ever electrifying. The surprise element is Balaji, who has played a bad guy, has given a chilling performance. He has kept the audience enraptured in all his scenes.

Harris Jayaraj songs are already a hit and his re-recording is out of class. Cinematographer Ravi Varman, with his cutting edge camera works animates the proceedings. Lighting effects and novel camera angles (used 35 mm camera) - especially the awesome shots of New York city- give a feel of watching a Hollywood thriller.

The result is a thoughtful, compelling and involving drama in which everything seems extraordinary.