Madrasi Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Dec 23, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

As many other films essayed by Arjun before, Madrasi is also plagued by predictability. Once you see few opening scenes, you can immediately expect what is to come.There is no element of surprises or complexities in the plot, which can make you stitched to your seats. Another reason why this may not grab the audience attention is that the movie’s action takes precedence to subtlety and characterization, and thereby making it a bland fare.

However, there are some positive points to talk about well choreographed action scenes, ambient music, and few meaningful dialogues.

Here goes the story…

Kasi (Arjun) goes to Mumbai to avenge the killers of his parents.With the help of his friend Pandi (Vivek), a taxi driver finds the killers and kills two of them. The third one escapes.

He meets Anjali (Vedhika) at Dharavi and falls in love with her at first sight. He saves Anjali’s family from a local don Ravi Bhai (Raj Kapoor), who is after her to usurp the house she lives in. Seeing Kasi’s daredevilry, the don makes him his henchman.Ravi Bhai’s arch rival is his own brother Mani Bhai (Fefsi Vijayan and his trusted henchman Shiva (Jagapathy Babu).The two gangs led by Kasi and Shiva clash with each other.In one such encounter, Kasi and Siva meet each other and they realise that they had served jail sentence together at Vellore jail a few years ago.As both owe their loyalty to their bosses, they continue to clash with each other.

As the group clashes continue, Kasi and Anjali decide to marry, while Siva ties his knot to Meena (Gajala).Soon Kasi and Siva realise the selfish motives of their bosses and join hands to end the goonda raj.

Arjun has taken up multiple roles for this movie. He has penned the story and screenplay, wielded the megaphone and has appeared as a principle performer in the film. Multiple roles have not deterred Arjun in giving out his heart for his character.His performance as a hotshot is splendid.Jagapathy Babu, a popular Telugu actor gives a seamless performance in his debut appearance in Tamil film. Ghazala and Vedika are adequate in their limited scope. Vivek’s comedy is lightweight.With digital imaging, the film looks glossy and is technically apt.Imman’s musical rendition is average. K.S.Selvarj’s camera work adds visual color, and Srijith’s Dharavi sets elevate the picture power.

However, the movie accomplishes what it is meant to provide entertainment.

P.V.Sathish Kumar