LLB Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
The Lives of three law students take a turn when two of them realise that their deeds in the past are linked to their friend's life. Family drama with a dollop of thriller elements gives a volatile impact due to inconsistency in narration.
Feb 5, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

The campus milieu in this film serves as a platform for the introduction of major characters, whose lives are linked together. Sibi, played by Sreenath Bhasi, and Salmaan, played by Vishak Nair, step into the college in Kozhikode as law students and the proceedings become interesting when Sanju, essayed by Aswanth Lal, joins the college from Kasaragod. 'LLB' (Life Line of Bachelors) hardly offers a vibrant campus life except the commotion of elections, but it rather follows the life of Sibi and Salmaan. Writer-director A M Sidhique, who is also a police officer, creates a pall of mystery around these two characters and that curiosity draws your attention to the film.

When Sanju establishes friendship with Sibi and Salmaan, the plot enters into its grave phase, unveiling the past life of the characters. Sanju realises that Sibi and Salmaan have a mysterious past from their demeanour in certain circumstances. Moreover, phone calls by a police officer to Sibi create doubts in the minds of Sanju, who suspects that they have committed a murder in the past. 'LLB' becomes an emotional family drama while divulging the flashback of Sanju and his mother Sarojini Raghavan, played by Seema G Nair.

Sidhique spreads the plot conflict interestingly but the narration seems to have fallen apart and it is far from engaging. Most of the crucial incidents are panting for more intensity to be emotionally connected to the audience. The introduction of heroine Akhila Ramachandran, essayed by Karthika Suresh, during a protest on road appears to be in a puerile manner. Later, Sibi's affair with her brings in little relevance to the story. 'LLB' reaches the flagging state with the treatment falling flat and gradually detaching from its purpose of evoking apt emotions in the end.

As a lead actor, Sreenath Bhasi finds the emotional depth of his character and he timely identifies the relevance of it in the climax. But Aswanth Lal steals the show with a succinct performance in the latter half where he enriches the sentimental milieu adequately. The twist in the climax has been portrayed in a jiffy as finding and curing of the disease of Sanju gives less conviction. 'LLB' becomes a brisk little thriller in the climax when Anoop Menon appears as an investigation officer.

The film plainly outlays the answers to the mystery of the murder without any effective order. The flick also barely ensures that it has entirely buffed up the engaging strings in the plot conflict. It makes one a passive viewer at a time the double-crossing act by a character should have been turned out as a shocking affair. Starting off in the campus milieu, this movie transforms into a hammy family drama with dollops of thriller elements. Despite bearing a decent concept, inconsistency in the execution of 'LLB' gives a volatile impact.

K. R. Rejeesh