Madhuchandralekha Synopsis

Chandramathy, clad sloppily in a saree, wearing more jewellery than is becoming, and continually chewing paan, is the uneducated wife of Madhavan alias Madhu. They have four children - Kaadambari, twins Sivan & Parvathy and Kingini. Chandramathy has an old battle axe of a grandmother. She also has four stalwart brothers - Arumughan, Shanmughan, Gunashekharan and Digambaran. Madhu and Chandra were married when the former was a nobody. Things are different now. He is a respected singer and composer, and has his share of fame and fortune. Uneducated though she is, Chandra is aware of their incompatibility in the changed scenario, and attempts to improve, even trying her hand at learning English. But she commits one faux pas after another and Madhu is ever at the receiving end of her follies. In comes Indulekha to complete the triumvirate of Madhu-Chandra-Lekha. Indulekha is a slim, svelte model and an ardent lover of Madhu's music. Complications begin. The Director-Actor combo of Rajasenan and Jayaram who have several hits to their credit - Malayalee Maamanu Vanakkam being the last - comes together after a long gap in Madhu Chandra Lekha. Urvasi, who last teamed up with Jayaram in Kadinjool Kalyanam, does the role of Chandramathy. Mamta plays Indulekha. Much of the film is being shot at Pavizham, a bungalow in the heart of Palghat. Music, which is an important aspect of this film, is composed by Girish Puthencherry & Kanesh Puthuram. Madhu Chandra Lekha, like many other films produced by Rajasenan with Jayaram in the lead, promises to be a laugh riot.