Ashok Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Jan 6, 2006 By Kishore


If you are not averse to watching violence in overdose then you will enjoy watching Ashok. Do not expect any syrupy romantic dialogs; this is an NTR movie after all. Get ready for a high voltage punch packed movie.

Well, Ashok is not a blockbuster exactly, but it was intended to be one. It misses the blockbuster mark by a huge margin. It's a good movie nevertheless and has been tailor made for the fans. The dialogs, songs and the plot are stitched to fit the fans' taste.

The opening shot of the movie: a baddie spewing out ketch up (sorry, blood) after getting beaten by the hero in a rain drenched fight scene, indicates how the movie is going to be. Ashok is a typical NTR movie, characterized by unquestionable machismo and staple violence. The Nandamuri clan does not know how to act otherwise and manliness is their first trait. It definitely runs in the blood, for the men from the Nandamuri stables need not act like tough men, they are tough men. They do not act macho; they are macho.


This helps the director immensely when the script demands a ruggedly tough guy as the hero. NTR, true to his lineage, sounds more serious than his role demands. It's a foregone conclusion that he would bash up the baddies to pulp. But the way he does it is what makes Ashok interesting. Peppy songs and the sultry Sameera Reddy add fizz to a cocktail of sentiment, romance, fights and comedy.

The plot is again conceived keeping NTR in mind for the role suits his image perfectly. Ashok is a righteous guy who doesn't tolerate injustice silently. He talks with his fist whenever the situation demands. On the contrary his father is a peace-loving family man (Prakash Raj). He tries to dissuade Ashok from street fighting, but Ashok does not mend his ways. For this very reason Ashok is kicked out of the house by his father. As the family head Ashok's father wants to protect his family and keep it away from the fights that Ashok picks up.

Ashok tries his level best to get back to his house by winning over his father. But he slips deeper in to the morass of violence and gore, although it's justified. And the notorious JK gang of the city crosses his path. But ultimately Ashok gets the approval of his father and his endorses his son's hard ways. How, you have to find that out.

Other than NTR its Prakash Raj who shines with his as usual brilliant acting. Sameera Reddy is nothing more than a glamorous love interest of NTR. But her role is very much de-glamorized if it's compared with her role in Musafir. The songs are good and have remained in the top five of the chart for quite some time. Except the exaggerated number of vehicles chasing NTRs's vehicle in an action scene the movie has logical action and fight scenes.

If you can remind yourself constantly that the blood you see on screen is really ketch up than you will have fun watching this movie. The violence in this movie is really graphic. But that's what is NTR's movies are about. Aren't they'