Panjavalsara Padhathi Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
A satirical take on political and religious shenanigans, the purpose is unfulfilled due to mundane execution and craft.
Apr 29, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh


Siju Wilson plays Sanoj in this satirical tale conceived with a purpose. Right from the off, 'Panchavalsara Padhathi' throws light on the protagonist's uncompromised acts against kickbacks. The content of the movie, directed by P G Premlal, heavily relies on the hero to ramp up its impact with his agility in performance. In fact, Siju with his lethargic mannerisms and body language fails to lend solid support to the progress of the plot. The role truly demands a flexible protagonist with much more elegance and enthusiasm. While the conflict is well set in the screenplay, Premlal struggles to cash in on the various aspects of the theme in the narration. Altogether, a slipshod attempt in handling grave content is evident throughout the making.


Here, Premlal's filmmaking is devoid of craft to keep things afloat. Besides, Sajeev Pazhoor's decent script can't breathe much life into the film due to its listless direction and insipid performances by actors. 'Panchavalsara Padhathi' is an ambitious attempt to create a satirical drama that exposes religious and political shenanigans by a group of people. It's difficult to identify any inspiring moments from the film that blossoms in fits and starts but not meaningfully.

The story follows the life of people in a colony in Kalamberi village where they face shortage of water and other infrastructure. As a youngster in the village, Sanoj is well aware of the want of infrastructure in the colony and his friend's mother's accidental death prompts him to do something for the colony. Sanoj meets resort owner Balan (P P Kunhikrishnan) with an intelligent plan that is also seemingly beneficial for the latter's deserted resort near the hilly terrain. Acting on Sanoj's plan, Balan taste's success as the rock near the resort becomes a pilgrim centre and subsequently, the statue of god Kalambasuran is erected there.

With the popularity of the statue of Kalambasuran grows, the site witnesses heavy influx of people from outside the state and we see there is no bottom to superstitious beliefs of people. This area of the plot evokes humorous moments that unveil the satirical elements. The film also unfolds the exploitation of ordinary people by businessmen and cunning individuals with vested interests. The affair between Sanoj and Shyni (Krishnendu A Menon) evolves gradually though not so intense in appearance. Despite her colourless life background, Shyni shows the grit to ask about her lover's Aadhaar card to prove his age.

Meanwhile, Sanoj is misunderstood by Shyni and ward member Ambili (Nisha Sarang) owing to his allegiance to the elite clique. The film's uneven nature is extended to the melee in the cliched climax and the proceedings fail to avoid predictability. It's a satirical take on political and religious shenanigans, but the purpose is unfulfilled due to mundane execution and craft.

K. R. Rejeesh