Achanoru Vazha Vechu Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
It's a highly passable and tedious modern family drama that tries to portray the conflict between a father and his son stemming from generation gap issues. Due to an aimless plot and shoddy writing, the film falls flat on its face.
Aug 30, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

Clash between two generations is the intended theme of Saandeep-directed 'Achanoru Vazha Vechu' with a father and his son locking horns over their own perspectives. But a riveting theme on paper is entirely sullied by unimaginative script and lackluster execution. The screenplay by Manu Gopal is wondrously bereft of ideas, but only brimmed with outdated preachy remarks about generation gap. None of the characters are particularly interesting or grab your attention for any reason. The cameo by actor Mukesh, who appears as himself, solely helps to create a supremely mundane and crass finale that underlines the silliness of the plot.

Set in Kozhikode, 'Achanoru Vazha Vechu' showcases the discord between Sachidanandan aka Sachi (AV Anoop) and his son Prathyush (Niranj Manianpillai Raju), who is an RJ in Radio Mojo. According to Sachi, his son is a carefree youth, having little commitment to the family's affairs while his son holds the view that his father is an outdated man sans any understanding of modern life. Prathyush's mother Krishna (Shanthi Krishna) is under pressure due to the tussle between the father and the son. Sachi's neighbour and friend Uthaman (Johny Antony), who is a flirtatious fellow, advises him to enjoy life on his own will.

Prathyush is very close to his colleague RJ Damayanthi (Athmeeya) and they are a pretty popular pair among the listeners of Radio Mojo. Their boss Alok Nambiar (Ashwin Mathew) has high regard for them and he used to advise others to emulate the performance of RJ Prathyush and RJ Damayanthi. Meanwhile, Mint FM head Shalini Mithra, played by Lenaa, is upset with the performance of her colleagues and she wishes for a pair like RJ Prathyush and RJ Damayanthi. One day Sachi goes missing leaving his family in utter shock. Now, Prathyush realizes the importance of his father in his family.

The acting debut of AV Anoop, who is the producer of the movie, yields only a mediocre result despite handling a prominent role. For Niranj, it is a forgettable outing in this pretty moderate stuff that is a package of meaningless plot points. Only Athmeeya gives the feel of intensity in her portrayal of an active and energetic RJ.

The intermittent scenes in the studio of radio station as well as the songs are rather contrived and only prolong the proceedings without any purpose. No wonder the movie falls flat on its face due to an aimless plot and shoddy writing. Moreover, it is a slapdash meeting of a dismal tale and miserable performances.

K. R. Rejeesh