Ohh Cinderella Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
In 'Ohh...Cinderella', the humorous take on a relevant issue laced with critical sarcasm scores, but lack of depth in the writing is a grave issue.
Dec 8, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

In the debut film "Ohh...Cinderella," director Renolze Rehman crafts a narrative where a celebrity finds himself entangled in a serious case that threatens to tarnish his reputation. Unfazed by conventional storytelling, Rehman, working with a screenplay penned by Anoop Menon, sidesteps typical police and courtroom scenarios. Instead, he delves deeply into the emotional landscapes of the key characters.

Anoop Menon, also responsible for designing and producing the film, humorously explores the contemporary complexities of physical relationships, often leading to extortion. However, despite its insightful premise, the film yearns for more compelling moments to effectively address its thematic concerns. The latter half, in contrast to the dynamic first part, feels lethargic and lacks the impact needed to make a powerful statement.

"Ohh...Cinderella" unfolds within the glamorous realm of the film industry. The narrative kicks off with Josy (Srikant Murali), an irate movie producer, expressing frustration over director Ameer Abbas (Anoop Menon) for delays in completing their project. Ameer, with three consecutive hits under his belt, hesitates about his return to filmmaking after a five-year hiatus. On the film's release day, Ameer is hit with the news of a police complaint filed against him by Cinderella Paul (Dilsha Prasannan), casting a shadow over his excitement. Ameer, accompanied by his friend Omanakuttan (Dinesh Prabhakar), escapes the state and seeks refuge at a hillside estate run by Jermiah (Nandu Krishnamurthy).

As the plot unfolds, Ameer discovers that Cinderella is the complainant, someone he vaguely remembers. Seeking advice from his mother Sulekha (Mallika Sukumaran), Ameer grapples with the serious accusations. Anoop Menon effortlessly portrays the role of a struggling filmmaker, while Nandu adds depth to the mysterious character of Jermiah. The conflict intensifies when Ameer and Cinderella confront each other, shedding light on societal standards in defining relationships and their disparate impacts on genders. The film successfully injects humor and critical sarcasm into the relevant issues, although the writing lacks depth.

"Ohh...Cinderella" serves as Anoop Menon's satirical commentary on a controversial issue that often dominates headlines in the film industry. The film analyzes the emotions of the involved parties, leaving the ultimate judgment to society. While it sparks discussions on culpability in such situations, it also highlights societal attitudes towards such matters. Ameer's justifications for neglecting his girlfriend and the differing opinions on the intensity of mutual love contribute to the film's multifaceted exploration. The screenplay unveils the asymmetry in legal outcomes in such cases, magnifying the conflict between Ameer and Cinderella.

Despite moments of hilarity surrounding gender equality and harassment legalities, "Ohh...Cinderella" falls short of establishing a strong emotional connection with its conflict, resulting in a less engaging experience. Mahadevan Thampi's visually appealing cinematography effectively captures the ambiance of various locations.

K. R. Rejeesh