Thrishanku Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Quirky, Romantic | 1h 50min
Thrishanku has a novel premise, some really funny scenes, and an array of eccentric performances. The film loses a bit of steam towards the end, but it works as a situational comedy for the most.
Jun 25, 2023 By Sreejith Mullappilly

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In Achyuth Vinayak's 'Thrishanku', Megha (Anna Ben) and Sethu (Arjun Ashokan) plan to run away from home and get married without informing their parents. Megha knows that her father, a former SP played by Krishna Kumar, will not agree to the idea of her marrying a jobless youngster. On the other hand, Sethu is worried that his parents will not approve of his and her religious differences. But the couple faces bigger stumbling blocks as their elopement plan goes off the rails.

Thrishanku takes a while to become the fun ride that it promises to be. For a large part of the first half, Achyuth Vinayak offers us an excessively casual set-up to a procedural where two older adults and a youngster go in search of a missing girl. There are occasional laughs, but the first half also has many annoying sequences, like one involving a mutual friend of Megha and Sethu with flirtatious and predatory intentions. Many of the jokes in these portions do not land, but the film somehow manages to keep our attention intact thanks to the novelty of its premise.

The second half is where the jokes come thick and fast, with Suresh Krishna and Nandhu taking full advantage of the hilarious situations their characters encounter. The main joke is about how tough and strange it is for a nephew to have to travel with his uncles. For a good part of the first half, Nandhu's jokes are a bit annoying, to say the least. However, the more his character stays in the, for lack of a better word, 'thug' zone, the funnier the situations become.

Suresh Krishna also plays a refreshingly different role in this sort of movie, although I wish Vinayak had kept us a bit more in the dark about his character's intentions. When Suresh Krishna's character says that he will only return home after finding the missing person, even if it requires killing someone, we expect a little more intensity from the man, but this is a more easy-going role for the actor. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though, because Thrishanku is a light film.

The writing is pretty decent considering the slick nature of the film. There is a lovely nod to homosexuality that does not seem out of place for this genre. There is a 'holding hands' scene that comes in the film in a way that does not break its flow. There is a hilarious line about how generous lending has reduced the size of a man's gold chain. The climax, with a bunch of lads dressed up in tiger make-up to celebrate Dussehra, is a bit of a stretch. But Thrishanku remains an entertaining watch for the most part. You may watch it on Netflix.

Sreejith Mullappilly