Pattaapakal Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Comedy, Drama
Despite its intriguing premise and ensemble cast, "Pattaapakal" falters with aimless events, shallow characterizations, and a lack of creative execution, resulting in a tedious and unfocused narrative.
Jul 3, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh


The opening scene shown as CCTV visuals of the exterior of a palatial house is quite intriguing. The theft in the initial scene is one of the conflicts in 'Pattaapakal' which has the concept of converging the dilemma of all characters in one location and then seeking for the remedy. Saajir Sadaf directs this film that entirely lacks focus on its characters and events. Scenarist P S Arjun has attempted to create humour in the sequences but the spark of laughter never occurs due to the puerile situations of characters. Among the characters, only Minister Antony Varghese, played by Johny Antony, has a genuine issue as it gravely affects his survival in life as well as in politics.


'Pattaapakal' begins with a heist in the house of Minister Antony Varghese at night. From the CCTV footage, Varghese realises that a vital device from his house has been burgled by Carlos, played by Kichu Tellus, and his gang. The characterisation of Carlos and his gang is a caricature model in an effort to trigger comic effect. But here it is a pathetic and dismal creation of such roles. After the burglary, Varghese becomes pretty upset and he is seen strolling inside his house impatiently throughout the movie.

In another place, a self-proclaimed selfless social worker Shaiju Chilambil (Ramesh Pisharody) bamboozles poor villagers. Once he bumps into Suku, played by Renji Kankol, who is looking for a two-wheeler in order to win his lover. Another track of the film is about the love affair of a drunkard, played by Sudhi Koppa, whose bike is stolen by Suku when he along with his friend Vinod (Gokulan) goes to meet his lover Priya (Amina Nijam). Krishna Shankar plays Balan, a character that appears in the second half of the movie. Balan with his fake innocent mien engages in vehicle theft. The actor finds himself in a comfort zone while enacting the depthless character in the shoddily written script.

This movie is packed with a lot of events that hardly give an impact at any point of time. Even those events in the life of different characters are panting for more clarity and grip in the narration to draw the attention of viewers. The tedious treatment in 'Pattaapakal' pulls the plug on the entertainment quotient of the film and it is explicit enough to showcase the lack of creativity in writing and making. The ensemble cast goes unexploited in terms of their performance due to the loosely structured plot.

The film becomes a taxing watch with the aimless events failing to convey any story idea and the characters uttering cliched dialogues all the time. Presence of Johny Antony and Ramesh Pisharody adds a little scope for making the proceedings engaging initially but the below par execution mars everything. The plot has been set as the confluence of various incidents that brings all characters to one location to solve the conflicts. Seems to be a good idea on paper, everything falters about the flick which turns out to be a test of patience.

K. R. Rejeesh