Paranju Theeratha Visheshangal Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Family Drama

Paranju Theeratha Visheshangal is a 2007 Indian movie directed by Harikumar starring Suresh Gopi, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Manya and Jagathy Sreekumar. The feature film is produced by Sheni Ashok and the music composed by M. Jayachandran.

Release Info:
April 27 2007 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: Harikumar

It was love at first sight for burgeoning architect Rajeev and bank officer Vijayalakshmi, and no amount of cajoling or ... Show more

It was love at first sight for burgeoning architect Rajeev and bank officer Vijayalakshmi, and no amount of cajoling or threatening could dissuade them from tying the nuptial knot. Their joy is unlimited when little Minikutty is born. Every thing is hunky dory between the two till the child is about five years old. Differences slowly start creeping in. Little things get blown up to undue proportions. A certain coldness and aloofness set in, driving a wedge in their relationship. Meddling parents aggravate matters. The joie de vivre that was so evident before is nowhere to be seen. They decide to part ways.

Though divorced,they continue to be on talking terms,calling each other up occasionally, consulting each other on matters of importance. It is on one of such calls that Vijayalakshmi tells Rajeev she is getting married again, succumbing to pressure from folks at home. Both start thinking about what went wrong, about how their marriage could have been saved, about whether the divorce was necessary. Paranjutheeraatha Visheshangal is a thought-provoking movie.It examines the inner conflicts and mental agony that divorcees are subject to.It examines the role of parents who are often guilty of abetting estrangement. It examines the fate of children, the invariable losers in every divorce.

Paranjutheeraatha Visheshangal gives us a different take on Suresh Gopi, other than the swash buckling action hero we are familiar with. He is at once a dotting father, a husband who keeps yearning for his estranged wife, a son who cannot go against the wishes of his mother. From a slender thread, Hariharan develops a poignant story that represents today's social milieu, and promises to be more than a crass entertainer.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Suresh Gopi
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy
Jagathy Sreekumar

Director: Harikumar
Producer: Sheni Ashok
Music Director: M. Jayachandran
Song Lyrics Writer: Yusuf Ali Kechery
Cinematographer: Sanjeev Shankar
Art Designer: Boban
Screenplay Writer: Kaloor Dennis
Original Story Writer: E.V. Sreedharan