Bloody Daddy Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Action, Thriller
The fights may be generic, and the plot may not be novel, but Bloody Daddy works solely based on the performances. For instance, Shahid Kapoor brings out a sense of chiseled intensity that works well for the movie.
Jun 17, 2023 By Sreejith Mullappilly

Where To Watch:
   Jio Cinema

In "Bloody Daddy", Shahid Kapoor plays a cop who gets involved in a drug case with some really dangerous people. Early in the film, Shahid's character "Sumair" attacks a couple of guys and seizes a packet of drugs from them. We do not know whether it is part of a police procedure or a drug theft gone wrong. What we know is that the drugs are part of a deal between Ronit Roy's "Sikandar" and Sanjay Kapoor's "Hameed". The plot is full of cliches, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you are in the mood for some campy stuff. Sumair is a divorced man with custodial rights for his child, Sartaaj Kakkar's Atharva. His child thinks of him as a reckless, irresponsible person who does not care.

There is not a great deal of novelty in the film, but writer-director Ali Abbas Zafar weaves a clever father-son arc into the story, and this angle is what keeps our interest alive in the proceedings. As for an action film, "Bloody Daddy" is strictly generic. It is generic in terms of how certain characters get back up on their feet following an intense physical duel. The endless fight sequences remind you of many John Wick sequels. There is a deliberate attempt to make the fights look real, though. Shahid gets battered and bruised more than once, and while his character goes on a rampage later in Bloody Daddy, the actor brings out a sense of chiseled intensity that works well for the film. Another performance that works well is that of Ronit Roy.

Known for his powerful performances in films like "Udaan" and "Ugly", Ronit Roy shows that he can do the campy stuff just as well as the more dramatic roles. There is a sense of callousness in terms of how he goes about his business, and he has a weird sense of humor as well. There is this one scene where he takes Sumair into a ladies washroom while telling the bystanders, "Worry not, we are only dealing with a slight plumbing issue." I wonder why there are so many repetitive mentions of fights in a ladies restroom. Is it where all the fights happen most of the time?

Bloody Daddy also marks a mini-comeback for "Aamir" star Rajeev Khandelwal. He has long been around in Hindi cinema and television, but this may be his best role since his breakout Aamir performance. Even Diana Penty has a good deal of intensity as Aditi, a no-nonsense cop who investigates the drug deal simultaneously.

The action goes into overdrive sometimes, and the father-son angle is a bit in-your-face, but Bloody Daddy is still miles better than your standard action film in Hindi cinema. You can watch Bloody Daddy on Jio Cinema.

Sreejith Mullappilly