Marivillin Gopurangal Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
Spouses of two siblings hold different perspectives on marriage life and giving birth to children. This conflict-free family drama is extremely flat and offers little to cherish.
May 12, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

Haute visuals and urbanized lifestyle are the background of this family drama guided by its charming main characters with modern outlook. Arun Bose of 'Luka' fame begins his sophomore film by establishing the jovial life of a childless couple before following it up with the life of protagonist's brother and his live-in partner. The conflict in the tale is hardly sharp enough to keep matters engaging even as we realize that one couple has the dilemma of whether they need a child soon. Writers Arun Bose and Pramod Mohan place the families of two siblings residing in the same apartment and explore their different perspectives on life. But apart from exposing the conflicts regarding their professional life, 'Marivillin Gopurangal' falters in presenting a coherent plot with soulful essence in it.

The opening scene gives enough innuendos about the lifestyle of childless couple Shinto Chacko, played by Indrajith Sukumaran, and Sherin, essayed by Shruti Ramachandran. An aspiring film director, Shinto is a screenwriter of a popular TV soap opera for children while Sherin is an entrepreneur. Though they hold the view that having children is not a good idea due to their volatile financial status, the couple becomes indecisive while seeing newborns of their friends. The quest for conflict in the plot gains momentum with the appearance of Shinto's brother Rony Chacko, played by Sarjano Khalid, and his live-in partner Meenakshi Rajan (Vincy Aloshious). But the film sustains its flat mode by depicting the uneventful daily life of the characters.

Shinto, also a dubbing artist in the serial, is struggling to get an opportunity in filmdom. Rony, who is a chef, faces a crisis after bumping into his schoolmates and Shinto chips in with his support but these sequences are rather contrived and have irrelevance in the proceedings. Among the lot, Vincy Aloshious grabs the attention as a quirky and energetic girl with an optimistic view on life. She never takes her pregnancy as a hindrance to her relationship with Rony since she does not believe in the system of marriage. Meenakshi is a super cool individual who takes life in her own stride. Rony has a modern outlook but still, he is unable to get rid of the orthodox beliefs inculcated into him by his brother and parents.

Indrajith seldom faces any hurdle in portraying the mental agony of an aspiring filmmaker and he effortlessly completes his task. His bickering with TV star Neeraj Aravind (Vasisht Umesh) makes the impression that the director wants to convey some didactic message but it misses the target though exposing the frustration inside Shinto. A charming Shruti Ramachandran holds a winsome smile and quite often, her role demands nothing more than that effort. The paucity of creative ideas is palpable in the latter half and the events are effective in making you a passive viewer. It is a conflict-free family drama woven in extremely plain mode and thus, it offers little to cherish.

With its toothless narration and flat presentation, the major salient feature of 'Marivillin Gopurangal' is its colourful depiction of intense bond between siblings and life partners. Still, the film makes you disappointed owing to its inability to present a solid plot other than just creating visuals and intermittent songs on screen. The proceedings are consistently flat without touching the sensibilities of viewers.

K. R. Rejeesh