Thalaimagan Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Oct 27, 2006 By PVS

This is Sarath Kumar's 100th movie. There is nothing special to mark this movie out as out of the ordinary except the fact that it was directed by the actor himself.

In his real life, he started as a newspaper distribution boy in Bangalore and later became a journalist. Sarath made full use of his experience as a journalist to create awareness among the masses about the looming water crisis and how some unscrupulous elements are out to exploit the situation to make big money. In the movie he helps save a village which would have been turned a desert.

The setting is a village, named Nedungulam, where Mukesh Tiwari, who plays a politician, grants rights to foreigners to set up a drinking water project tapping precious groundwater resources of the village. Tiwari's accomplice is Seema Biswas, a police officer.

Besides raising his voice of protest against Tiwari's action, Sarath endeavors to prove with evidence that with its water resources gone, the village would become a desert.

Being an investigative journalist, Sarath does some detective work to expose Tiwari's anti-social activities. He tricks Tiwari into believing that there would be a swift CBI raid on him, and Tiwari, in jitters, throws the incriminating papers into a waste-paper basket to be in the clear when the CBI team arrives. This makes the job easy for Sarath to get hold of the documentary evidence against Tiwari. In the process he incurs the wrath of Tiwari, and Seema. He escapes a bomb attack masterminded by Seema. How Sarath eventually tackles the anti-socials is the climax.

One could not but acclaim the filming of the idyllic locations in Kerala and scenes where Sarath who was wounded in the bomb attack, undergoes treatment. His disguise as a handicapped person when he comes to the Nedungulam water plant seeking employment, though good, could have been better.

Vijayakumar and his daughter were kidnapped and killed by the rowdies but how Sarath appeared on the scene from nowhere is puzzling.

There was not much work to do for Nayanthara in the film. Seema Biswas just played out her role. Vadivelu's comedy is enjoyable. Director K.S. Ravi Kumar and Kushboo make guest appearances.