Antony Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Action, Drama, Suspense | 2h 25min
A good man-turned-ruffian retains his life after being forced to become guardian of a teenage girl. But his enemies refuse to give him respite and begin counterattack on him. 'Antony' follows a tried and tested formula that obviously fails to present anything new.
Dec 2, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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Joshiy's latest directorial endeavor effortlessly mirrors the characteristics of his previous works. The familiar rhythm of his action-drama films is skillfully maintained, avoiding the adoption of any innovative narrative patterns. The central conflict in 'Antony' unfolds in a well-trodden territory, seamlessly blending action, drama, and sentimental elements in appropriate proportions. While the pacing is commendable, the conventional plot conflict and its treatment disappoint, particularly in terms of the director's craftsmanship.

Rajesh Varma's screenplay embraces a straightforward theme, lacking in freshness. A more inventive approach in the writing could have elevated the overall narrative. 'Antony,' set in Avaran City in Central Kerala, initiates with the murder of Xavier (Tini Tom) by Antony Anthrapper on a moonlit night. With no witnesses, Antony easily secures acquittal. To withdraw from the case, Antony provides a house to Xavier's wife Jessy (Asha Sarath) and daughter Ann Maria (Kalyani Priyadarshan). Tragedy strikes again when Jessy is killed, leaving Ann an orphan. Persuaded by Fr. Paul (Chemban Vinod), Antony assumes guardianship and places her in a hostel.

However, Ann, a boxer, becomes a disruptive force in her college, prompting Antony's intervention. As she becomes more troublesome, Antony's interactions with her turn harsh. Meanwhile, Antony's enemies, led by Lawrence (Jinu Joseph), seek revenge for past losses. Avarachan (Vijayaraghavan), a wealthy man who lost his vision, advises Antony to be cautious. Maya (Nyla Usha) serves as Avarachan's home nurse, forming a strong bond with him.

Despite its cliched settings, the film is propelled by Joju George's commanding performance, lending a compelling edge to the protagonist. Vijayaraghavan displays unwavering dedication in portraying the elderly character, overshadowing others. Kalyani impressively handles her role, particularly in the action sequences, though her character's portrayal in boxing bouts feels somewhat exaggerated. Nyla Usha's role offers little noteworthy performance, serving mainly as a supportive companion to Avarachan.

The plot's hackneyed nature becomes glaringly evident in Ann's predictable tale about her father, transforming the movie into a foreseeable and perfunctory affair. 'Antony' adheres to a tried-and-tested formula, lacking innovation. The climax, besides being exhaustingly simplistic, evokes patterns reminiscent of 90s storytelling. Despite the film's lackluster writing, Joju George and Vijayaraghavan's performances stand out.

K. R. Rejeesh