Out of Syllabus Synopsis

Out of Syllabus is a low-budget film that is being shot against the backdrop of today’s campus life. The film depicts the happenings in educational institutions today with strikes, ragging, sexual harassment and suicides making campus headlines, and commercialization of education becoming the order of the day. Romance also finds its place in the film, which has the storyline penned by S.P. Sreejith, Superintendent of Police, Kottayam district, and morphed into a screenplay by Lohithadasan. Mr. Sreejith claims the story is based on real incidents noted in his diary. The film has an all new cast both before and behind the camera, with perhaps Venu Nagavalli who returns to the silver screen after a lengthy gap as the only exception. Arjun Sasi, who is a DJ with SS Music, plays the lead role. Praseetha who is a model turned actress, adopts the screen name of Niranjana and does her debut role as Namitha, the leading lady of the film. Viswanathan Thiruvilamala, erstwhile program producer for Kairali TV dons the Director’s cap. Music is by newcomer Bennet Withraag. Script writer Lohithadasan does a cameo role in the film. Out of Syllabus is slated to hit the screens in the second half of February 2006.