Pulimada Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
Joju George shines emphatically in the film which evokes the feel that it has too many layers of meaning. His lively performance effectively guides the movie and makes it intriguing to an extent.
Nov 3, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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In this somewhat thrilling and intriguing concept, there lies a promise that occasionally remains in the shadows throughout the film. "Pulimada" aspires to convey this potential with a profound focus on the protagonist's tumultuous inner conflict. It beckons viewers to explore various interpretations of the events that unfold in the life of Vincent Scaria, brilliantly portrayed by Joju George. The protagonist's peculiar demeanor ultimately emerges as the ace up the sleeve in the script crafted by director AK Saajan, who also doubles as the film's editor. Yet, the creative aspirations encounter stumbling blocks on their journey through the realm of imagination, resulting in a gradual decline in the impact after initially hinting at a promising screenplay.

Joju George undeniably serves as the linchpin of the movie, shedding light on the idyllic existence of the hero, a police officer. Set against the backdrop of Wayanad, Vincent leads a solitary life in his house nestled by a forest in the hills. His official duty near a colossal fairy woman statue in a park triggers memories of his enigmatic mother, who exhibited eccentricities in her twilight years. AK Saajan masterfully intertwines the untamed beauty of the statue with Vincent's haunting emotions about his mother. The director skillfully captures the depth of the hero's loneliness, both as a child and as an adult.

The film commences with the preparations for the 40-year-old Vincent's wedding, as his relatives, including Appachan (Jaffer Idukki) and Kuttappappi (Johny Antony), gather for a lively celebration on the eve of the wedding. However, the wedding is abruptly called off the next morning, and Vincent's behavior takes a peculiar turn. His demeanor becomes increasingly enigmatic, as most of his previous marriage proposals had failed for various reasons.

One night, Vincent crosses paths with Mahishmathi Emily Jayaram (Aishwarya Rajesh) on the road and brings her home. The central conflict of "Pulimada" unfolds following this encounter. While Vincent is eager to get married, his character's male chauvinism becomes evident when he insists that his fiancee Jessy (Farah Shibila) give up her job after marriage. In one striking scene, a prowling tiger in the area retreats quietly upon encountering Vincent during his search for Mahishmathi in the forest. This moment symbolizes the idea that even the beast feels empathy for the hero's desperate plight. The film subtly draws parallels between the secluded lives of a man and a wild beast. It's noteworthy that as Vincent embarks on a rampage following the canceled marriage, the tiger also roams the grasslands near the village.

Joju George shines brilliantly in the film, guiding it effectively and infusing it with intrigue. "Pulimada," boasting captivating cinematography by Venu and a somewhat average background score by Anil Johnson, offers a fleeting impact in terms of the story's progression, which is largely salvaged by the lead actor's performance. In essence, the transient excitement it offers is compensated by the protagonist's compelling portrayal.

K. R. Rejeesh