Jai Ganesh Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | U | Drama
A central performance from Unni Mukundan is hardly enough to lift this shoddily written film that struggles to maintain dramatic interest.
Apr 14, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

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The plot of 'Jai Ganesh,' written and directed by Ranjith Sankar, revolves around the fictional superhero of the same name. The comic character, created by Ganesh, is meant for becoming a superhero when people are in trouble. We also witness its creator, played by Unni Mukundan, defy his crippled condition to save the life of a boy. Thus director Ranjith Sankar wants to instil oodles of confidence in a person with disabilities and prove that mental courage is the greatest strength in life to become a real superhero. Still, the execution with a slipshod screenplay makes things complex and ambiguous.

While hope and fantasy coexist so closely in 'Jai Ganesh,' the mishmash of modern technology and unconvincing investigation procedures turns out to be a spoilsport in the narration. 'Jai Ganesh' follows the life of Ganesh, who is confined to wheel-chair after an accident during his college days. As a graphic artist working in a local news channel, Ganesh is adept at cutting-edge technologies and creator of a comic super hero 'Jai Ganesh'. He helps lawyer Parvathy (Jomol) in a case by leveraging technology from an e-mail ID in the name of 'Jai Ganesh.' Meanwhile, Ganesh is emotionally disturbed quite often when he sees his peers enjoying life in its full essence. He loses his temper when others show sympathy towards him due to his disability.

Entrepreneur Nidhi, played by Mahima Nambiar, evinces her interest in using the character 'Jai Ganesh' for an app she had developed for kids. She approaches Ganesh for it and he agrees to it after her conviction that the character will become popular among children as a 'desi superhero'. Ganesh is very close to a boy, who is the son of an MLA, residing in his apartment complex. Once the boy goes missing and Ganesh is the sole witness to the kidnap. Then he convinces police that he can spot the kidnapper using technology. Now the film enters a thriller premise with the police cyber team and Ganesh trying to save the boy from his abductors.

Asokan, who plays father of Ganesh, appears in a few scenes but his combination scenes with Unni Mukundan really bring out the inner turmoil and angst of the protagonist. Mahima Nambiar has limited scope for a notable performance as she appears in a pretty comfort zone of a character. Obviously, Unni Mukundan is the spirit of the film with a soulful portrayal of the crippled character mired in various emotions. It is a sensitive performance from the actor when he appears as a person with physical disability. A central performance from Unni Mukundan is hardly enough to lift this shoddily written film that struggles to maintain dramatic interest. Besides, the tale is devoid of real essence to provide any gripping moments and as a result, the procedures fall flat, especially in the latter half.

Music of Sankar Sharma is able to elevate the struggling content of the film at times. In many areas, the events of 'Jai Ganesh' seem to be unsettled and the scenes in the cyber police office turn out to be tedious after a certain point. Though Ganesh is struggling with emotional conflict, it solely gives skin-deep impact due to the superficial execution. In short, 'Jay Ganesh' is a package of slipshod writing and ambiguity in narration, though the content is dunked in software technology domain.

K. R. Rejeesh