Chithiram Pesuthadi Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Feb 16, 2006 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

"Chithiram Pesuthadi" is packed with all the ingredients of a good entertainment film: action, melodious songs, comedy and heart-warming dialogues. But, the major shortcoming of the movie is the lack of brisk narrative pace. The movie, which starts off strong becomes sluggishness as it proceeds and finally comes to a tame end. But thankfully the story is not that much shallow.

Director Mishkin has to be patted for giving a different treatment to the age-old story, which is about a gangster transforming himself for the sake of love.

Here goes the story…

Thiru (Naren) works as a henchman with Annachi (Thandapani). Annachi adores him and sees in him his own bravery and extraordinary fighting abilities.

One day, Thiru stumbles upon Charu (Bhavana), a local NGO, who fights injustice. A quarrel ensues between them. They soon realize that it was a meeting of heart and soon start to admire each other.

Charu works towards transforming Thiru from an emotionless henchman to a loveable, kind-hearted guy. As a result, he and some of his gang members abandon their incorrigible life of gun culture and take up sales at the roadside hoping to lead a socially respectable life.

Charu sees a changed personality in Thiru and decides to marry him, with the consent of her father. But her hopes shatters after seeing Thiru clumped away in a police van from a brothel. She gives up her plans to become Thiru's life partner. Not withstanding the failure, Charu's father commits suicide. Charu blames Thiru for ruining her life and for her father's death. Thiru goes back to Annachi.

Charu decided to wed her own relative. Meanwhile, Annachi's son falls in love with Charu and wants to marry her. Annachi deputes Thiru to bring Charu.

Thiru devices his own plans in an attempt to thwart Annachi's nefarious plans and save Charu. How Thiru saves Charu from Annachi and ultimately re-unit with her forms the remaining part of the story.

Sunil alias Naren, the Malayalam actor, making his debut in Tamil has really played from his skin. Bhavana has a nice earthly quality here, with a gravelly voice and grit to her sashay. Mishkin is marvelously complemented with an ensemble of supporting actors playing as Thiru's friends, takes their part and work it for all its worth.

The screenplay writer and director Mishkin has a long way to go to find a place among the auteur in every sense.

While Mahesh Muthusamy's camerawork has provided a visual treat, the debutant music director Sundar C Babu has rendered few good compositions, which keep resonating at least for sometime after you are out of the theater. The outstanding number of all is the gana song: Vazha Meenu... sung by Ghana Ulaganathan.

The movie is not disappointing and it gives good entertainment in return for the money and time you spend on it.

P.V.Sathish Kumar