Little Miss Rawther Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2023 | Drama
This is an urban romantic drama that explores compatibility in the relationship between a petite girl and her lanky boyfriend. While scoring a good turn in its wacky narration and performances of the lead pair, the trite plot of lovers lacks vital intensity.
Oct 14, 2023 By K. R. Rejeesh

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In "Little Miss Rawther," the unconventional presentation overshadows the conventional plot conflict in an attempt to adopt the guise of a groundbreaking creation. While the story-line follows the tired template of a modern urban romantic tale, what sets this film apart is the unique narrative style employed by director Vishnu Dev, working with a script written by Shersha Sherief. The narrative revolves around Abhijith Chandradas, portrayed by the writer Shersha Sherief, and Gouri G Kishan's character, Naina Rawther. The camera takes us through their shared history, intermittently revealing the events that reshaped their relationship.

In the unstable love affair of these engineering students, Abhijith is impulsive in decision-making, while Naina is practical about their future. Abhijith, an aspiring filmmaker from modest beginnings, struggles to bring his film projects to fruition. Naina, from a more privileged background, is preparing for her impending marriage. Abhijith is in a state of depression due to his inability to complete his movie script and the pain of losing Naina. In an unexpected turn of events, Naina invites Abhijith to visit her on the eve of her wedding. As he makes his way to Naina's house, Abhijith realizes her true intentions.

Naina's parents find it difficult to accept their petite daughter's relationship with a tall young man, which becomes the primary reason for their objection to the union. The writer's clever use of sarcasm is evident when Abhijith meets Naina's parents. Naina, too, faces challenges related to her stature when with Abhijith, but her deep love for him transcends his financial struggles and modest family background.

According to Naina, her boyfriend is irresponsible, but it becomes apparent that Abhijith is torn between loving Naina sincerely and being fully immersed in his cinematic aspirations. He often views Naina as a means to make creative progress in his story. While the premise of "Little Miss Rawther" may be familiar, director Vishnu Dev succeeds in crafting a captivating atmosphere in his storytelling.

Shersha Sherief delivers a superb portrayal of the emotions of a young man in turmoil, capturing the character's essence perfectly. His chemistry with Gouri G Kishan is the film's standout feature, as the two actors seamlessly blend their performances to bring out the emotional complexity of their characters. Perhaps, it would be Gouri's first meaningful role in a Malayalam movie and she has effortlessly played Naina with immense depth.

The film shines in its unconventional storytelling and the strong performances of the lead actors. However, the lack of depth in the formulaic plot leaves a noticeable gap in the overall impact. Despite the occasional cliched moments, the film's pacing compensates for the script's shortcomings to some extent. Govind Vasantha's music enhances certain scenes but departs from his signature style in execution.

K. R. Rejeesh