Golam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2024 | Drama
'Golam' is an ambitious crime thriller that follows ASP Sandeep Krishnan, as he investigates the mysterious death of an IT corporate honcho. Despite its intriguing premise and strong lead performance, the film struggles with plot execution and leaves some questions unanswered.
Jun 10, 2024 By K. R. Rejeesh

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In Theaters: INDIA  

Here's an intriguing tale that delves into the mysterious death of an IT corporate honcho in his office. Without further ado, debutant writer-director Samjad leads us to the conflict zone that triggers an investigation into the death by ASP Sandeep Krishnan, played by Renjith Sajeev. The probe prompts curiosity about the plot of 'Golam' though the events seldom entirely fulfill the excitement of the suspense factor in it. Right from the off, Samjad displays his ambitious move to present a riveting crime thriller but it is doubtful if the script co-penned by Praveen Viswanath has ample potential to come out with a foolproof answer. Obviously, the film faces the hurdle of giving a conclusive justification regarding the crime and the actions of the culprits are far-fetched while executing their plan together at a time.

As a sinewy cop, Renjith Sajeev is dominating the plot that has an IT office as its main premise. The proceedings in the first half are engaging with the interrogations of employees of V Tech where Managing Director Issac John (Dileesh Pothan) is found dead. With no witnesses and fingerprints to rely on, Sandeep's intelligence comes to the fore and he starts his attempts to nail the culprits. His suspicions regarding the diseases of employees including Meera (Chinnu Chandini) at the office elevate the movie to an intriguing terrain and when you realise the masterminds behind the murder, the stage is well set for a perfect crime thriller.

The film almost functions as an investigative crime thriller ushering the viewers to connect the dots. However, 'Golam' starts to lose its sheen while attempting to present the collective deeds of the accused and the time-bound execution of the plan. Indeed, the tale has a relevant theme and Samjad has leveraged the prospects of it sans embracing any perfunctory or cliched sequences.

'Golam' hardly showcases any outstanding performances as only the protagonist gets ample screen space vis-à-vis other actors. Sunny Wayne as Jipson George has a brief appearance while Alencier plays a police officer in the investigation team. The investigation of Sandeep opens a can of worms and the shocking revelation of a doctor, played by Siddique, amps up the conflict. On reflection, this crime thriller is built to leave viewers flabbergasted by its detailing about the way the crime is committed. A convincing formula in the plot would have worked well for its narration of events.

The mystery behind the murder remains as a well-crafted suspense element in most parts. The movie manages to depict something astounding about the nexus between two industries. The IT office, where most of the action takes place, plays a vital role in the script and the writers have conceived every nook and corner of the space judiciously. Mahesh Bhuvanend has trimmed the shots befittingly to the flow of the proceedings and Aby Salvin Thomas has chipped in with appealing background score. The element that sets the film apart is the introduction of a novel story idea. Overall, this film boasts of a riveting concept of a murder mystery, but execution is a tad behind in giving convincing answers.

K. R. Rejeesh