My Autograph Review

Kannada film star_Sudeep's first directorial effort in making My Autograph which is the remake of Tamil Hit Autograph directed by Cheran has met with a fair degree of success.My Autograph is a clean film of classy variety, but it is any body's guess whether the film will emerge as a clear winner in the Box office.But the film is credited with some dignified performances, beautiful visuals backed up good melodious music.Normally it is being felt that Kannada film remakes of some successful non Kannada films carry a higher level of risk, mainly because of the threat of comparison being made with originals.All major towns in Karnataka will screen star studded non Kannada films.The success percentage of remake films has come down drastically these days mainly because a large section of the film audience would have seen the original film in theatres or in the video format.

My Autograph which is a remake of Cheran's Tamil film looks slightly different from the original because f some inputs by Sudeep who has made the film with technical grandeur.The viewers who have not seen the original film will certainly be highly impressed with this version.

The film is made with lot of efforts and passion. Sudeep has excelled in his role as a director and the lead actor. He has put in his one hundred percent effort in both departments of direction and acting.He has seen that the local dialect of the particular area is used by people connected to each other.Extra care is taken to create a perfect ambience in the form of background materials and selection of the costumes.The most likeable factor in the film Autograph is that it has been fine tuned with the local milieu.

Sudeep has taken care to see that native aspects are given more prominence.Even minor details like the Kannada accent spoken in a distant village in Teerthahalli is taken care of.The dress and costumes of the characters is selected with lot of care in portions shot in villages and the Kerala backwaters.The film acquires a lot of dramatic phase even as it progresses and the situations shot in Bangalore are lively and authentic.A perfect ambience is created when the film moves from a village to the high profile ad world.But the only point that is little irksome is that the tunes of the original film has been out rightly copied. Sudeep could have worked out in creating original tunes with a different music director.Sudeep proves once again that he is a top actor.He is lively throughout the film and is extremely good in emotional sequences. Meena plays the role of the ad girl to perfection. Srinivasa Murthy excels in the role of Sudeep's father. All the other artists have passed muster.Bharadwaj's scintillating music and Venkat's beautiful photography are the high points of the film which will really bring in memories of the past to all those who see this film. A must see for its quality and presentation.

Kannada film star_Sudeep's first directorial effort in making <b>My Autograph</b> which is the remake of Tamil Hit <b>Autograph</b> directed by Cheran has met with a fair degree of success.<b>My Autograph</b> is a clean film of classy variety, but Rating: - R.G.Vijayasarathy, Feb 17, 2006